Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I Just Love My Shed!

I know, how can anyone be so excited
about a garden shed? Well, I can
I am telling you I just love my shed.
I did it all by myself.  I painted it, I decorated it and I am proud of it.  
Not only my shed but I am in love with all the cute garden decor,
 and this and that's. 
 My yard is just tiny. . .only the size of a postage stamp.
It is just amazing what you can plant and enjoy even in a tiny little space.
You see, this is what I believe. . .We are all Stewards of this beautiful earth.
No matter where we live, nor our circumstances, we can make the world
A little prettier, and a little greener, and a little more colorful.
This cute little ladder back chair, 
I found at the curb side for the garbage to pick up.
I did ask the people in the house if I could have it. . .They said yes.
Cute little thing, I saved it from the landfill.
Oh, and this little treasure. . 
Well, my Granny gave me this, over 40 years ago. . 
Yip, I wanted a milk can before it was even popular to have one
It has been with me for a long, long time.  
I always think of my Granny when I see it.
It makes me smile and brings back memories.
So, there you have it. . my tiny  postage stamp yard.
I am sure this won't be the last of my posts about my shed
And my tiny little yard.
My son helped me with a lot of the work, but I did most of it.
I will tell you right now. . . I am not the same as I use to be.
I mean, it beat me up. . .planting, painting, shoveling, planting more.
Moving stones, and rocks, and lifting heavy things.
I am no spring chick. . .what I could do even 10 years ago. . 
About kills me now. . .
But, oh how I enjoy my little back yard.

Be sure to come back. . for more of my projects.