Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Summer's End

It is the last week of August and the Summer is coming to an end.
The buses are rolling and the children are back in school. 
Which is always a sign of Summer's End.

The Early Summer Flowers have long faded and gone. . .
Re-seeding for the next Summer.
Aunt Colleen's flowers were gorgeous as ever this year
The garden shed was completed
Now we are seeing the late Summer flowers, and the beauty of the earth is changing. . .
Ah, I love the Sunflower and I love to see her re-appear each year.  She seems to be abundant this year.  The folk lore is. . if there is an abundance of Sunflowers, there will be a hard winter ahead.
Hum mm, I wonder if that is true???  There seems to be truth in watching the signs that the earth and the heavens give us in every season. . .

I changed decor from one month to the next.  And I accomplished a lot of crocheting this summer
It was so hot here in Utah that I had to stay inside most of the time.  ( don't do well in the heat)
My Granny Square Pillows.
My July Wreath
The "Aunt Carol" hutch is always being changed.
Now It is time to change again. . 
A late Summer favorite is 
Watermelons. . .
So now it is on to Summer's End.  A few little changes in my decor. (I don't do as much as I use to). Which reminds me. . How are you with change?  Oh, decor changes are easy for me. But it is the "Life Changes", that are hard for me to handle.  I have had to go through so many in my lifetime.  For some reason I don't deal with them very well.  Even season changes are hard for me.  A little secret, I am a worrier! Yip, I admit, I worry. . and I worry over it seems a lot of things, I have no control over. And some of the changes of life we have no control over.  In fact most of the major changes in my life I have had no control over.  
I do have control over the changes in my home. So I will just move on to the next decorating change. I hope you will come back for my changes. . . at the
Summer's End.

Hugs, K

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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Emma Diane and Julia Estelle

As you may know I love dolls.
When I go to the second hand stores I always
Feel sad for the lost and lonely dolls.
I know, I know, it may sound strange to some,
But those sweet little things gave love and comfort to
Someone, a child or even a grown up at some time.
Well, long story short. . .I decided I would rescue some of them.
(I can't bring them all home)
I bring them home, wash them, and dress them in new crochet dresses.
I give them as gifts, and I do believe I will start selling them.
Meet my new little girls
Emma Diane
She is a beautiful little blonde/blue eyed charmer.
I fell in love with her the minute I saw her.
How could you not love her pretty little face and her golden hair?
Oh, yes, she is Emma Diane
Named after my Granddaughter Emma and my Aunt Diane.
This is Julia Estelle
Named after my sister-in-law Julia and her mother Estelle
Again that adorable little face, I fell head over heels for her.
It has been so fun to make their dresses, and the hats,
It was like dressing my little girl again. . . 
I gave them new life.
It will be hard to part with them, but I know they are going
To two very special people in my life. . .and
They will never again end up in the "lost" doll aisle at DI.

I guess you would call me a rescuer!

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Shocked and Amazed

I admit I am a "junker". . 
Well, the nicer word it I like to find "stuff"
I like to browse thrift stores.
Deseret Industries is my favorite.
I like to go to estate sales, and yard sale.
And NO, I am not a hoarder!
Well, long story short
I came across this 
Chess Set
I bought a couch and love seat from a guy this summer.
When I was in his garage looking at the things he had for sale.
I saw this chess set and ask what he was going to do with it.
He ask me if I wanted it. . He would just give it to me.
I ask where he got it from and he said, it was either Europe or South America
He couldn't remember where.  (He is a professional baseball player)
I thought maybe my grandson would like it, so I took it home.
Oh, good heavens my grandson didn't want it.
If it isn't an electronic game he's not interested.
So I have just had it sitting in my basement.
I decided I would sell it for $50 placed an ad on a local
Antique Web-site. Hmmm, then I thought maybe I should
Check the Internet and see if I could find anything out about
My unusual chess set.
Well. . .this is what I found out!
My Chess Set is worth anywhere from $2000 to $4000!
I about had a heart attack. . .Really? Oh, yes it is real
It is a 1910 Mexican Revolution Stone Hand Carved Chess Set.
My set is the Aztec/Cortes figures.
I am in total amazement. . that I would find something with so much
History and worth so much money.
I know how the Antique Road show guests feel when they are told how
Much their item is worth.
Now the question is. . .Do I Sell It?
Or Do I Keep It and pass it on to my children?
I don't think there is anyone where I live that would realize the value
Or the history behind the Chess Set.
I certainly didn't until I researched it.
So, what do you think?
I know what I think.. . . it is fun to "hunt" for "junk"
You just never know what you are going to find!

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Do you ever go to Pinterest and just 
I do.
(sigh). . .so many things I want to do
But, alas, so little time.
Come along with me and
 I would love to dream in this bed.
 I love the simplicity of this crochet pillow
 Everything here is something I would love
 Pumpkins under cloche's
 Is she not adorable. . I may have to try making her.
Ah Pink Pyrex. . .hmmm, love, love
 Cute, cute, and so simple to make
Wow! I love this!
Always a beautiful quote to end.
Or is it the beginning?
As I am dreaming. . I will find Joy in My Journey.
Be sure to come back for more 
Hugs, K

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Elise--Madame Alexander

I am so excited to introduce my newest member to my
Doll Collection. . 
Madame Alexander's
Elise --- The Bridesmaid.
Is she not GORGEOUS?
I am so thrilled to have found her.
She comes from 1955
And she is in pristine condition.
She belonged to a woman who took very good care of her.
The lady passed her on to her granddaughter and the
Granddaughter didn't appreciate the beauty and heirloom
That Elise is. . .so she came to ME!
Just look at her. . .the little hat is perfect.
Her satin slippers are perfect.
I just can't believe I have her. . and she is has dark hair and brown eyes.
Just like I had in 1955.
You will never believe but... . I have 
The Bride that goes with Elise.
My Grandma Dot gave her to me in 1957!
As you may well know. . I love dolls
I have several in my collection and there are only
Certain ones that I collect..
The Madame Alexander Bride doll  that my Grandma Dot
Gave to me is packed away.
But I now have a place to display my dolls.
I will unpack all the ones put away. 
 I will show them to you in another post.
I think we should all keep the little girl within
And cherish the Doll's in our lives.
Especially the "real" ones. . Cherish and hold onto them.
Hope you enjoy seeing this little beauty.
Come back for more.
Hugs,  K
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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Vintage Whites. . .Oh So Beautiful

As you know from my last post 
I was at Fleattitude Vintage Market
This past weekend.
Well, I wanted to show you a few of the
Vintage Whites.
There is just something about Vintage Whites
That sets my heart pattering. . 
I am sorry I don't have the vendors name.
There was some gorgeous "whites" showing that day.
These pictures set me thinking. . . 
I have some of my own beautiful vintage whites.
Why do I tuck them away?
I am going to bring my own 
Vintage Whites out for all of you to see
Stay close by. . I will show you what I have.
Good Grief everything I have is turning into 
Vintage. . .Not quite Antique . . .YET!
But, aren't the whites beautiful?
I just love them.


Sunday, August 4, 2013

Fleattitude. . For All Those Who Love Vintage

I spent a little time at
I fun, great place to find all things vintage.
Oh, Cathy and her group really  know how to 
Put a Vintage Marketplace together.
Just take a look at the wonderful things.
Oh, what beauty!
Just look at that darling cupboard, and of course all the vintage things.
I am telling you this is a junkers paradise.
There was so much stuff. . it took my breath away.
Did anyone say they wanted spools?
If I had a place to put these two items,
They would have come home with me. . 
 Oh, and Milk Glass. . 
You know how I love that stuff.
Ya, I did bring home a piece or two.
I will show you that later.
 And dolls?
 I have never lost my love of dolls.
And I will have a surprise to show you later .
Hold that thought. . ok?
Oh believe me I have more to share with you.
But I figure you are photoed-out about now.
So come back for more of