Saturday, August 10, 2013

Elise--Madame Alexander

I am so excited to introduce my newest member to my
Doll Collection. . 
Madame Alexander's
Elise --- The Bridesmaid.
Is she not GORGEOUS?
I am so thrilled to have found her.
She comes from 1955
And she is in pristine condition.
She belonged to a woman who took very good care of her.
The lady passed her on to her granddaughter and the
Granddaughter didn't appreciate the beauty and heirloom
That Elise is. . .so she came to ME!
Just look at her. . .the little hat is perfect.
Her satin slippers are perfect.
I just can't believe I have her. . and she is has dark hair and brown eyes.
Just like I had in 1955.
You will never believe but... . I have 
The Bride that goes with Elise.
My Grandma Dot gave her to me in 1957!
As you may well know. . I love dolls
I have several in my collection and there are only
Certain ones that I collect..
The Madame Alexander Bride doll  that my Grandma Dot
Gave to me is packed away.
But I now have a place to display my dolls.
I will unpack all the ones put away. 
 I will show them to you in another post.
I think we should all keep the little girl within
And cherish the Doll's in our lives.
Especially the "real" ones. . Cherish and hold onto them.
Hope you enjoy seeing this little beauty.
Come back for more.
Hugs,  K
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  1. She's so pretty! Glad she could come to live with you!!

  2. Your Elise is such a beauty and I am so happy someone has her that appreciates her...her soft pink dress and shoes are just so sweet...I stopped over to visit your blog and become a new follower of yours...thanks for the lovely post...Phyllis


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