Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Summer's End

It is the last week of August and the Summer is coming to an end.
The buses are rolling and the children are back in school. 
Which is always a sign of Summer's End.

The Early Summer Flowers have long faded and gone. . .
Re-seeding for the next Summer.
Aunt Colleen's flowers were gorgeous as ever this year
The garden shed was completed
Now we are seeing the late Summer flowers, and the beauty of the earth is changing. . .
Ah, I love the Sunflower and I love to see her re-appear each year.  She seems to be abundant this year.  The folk lore is. . if there is an abundance of Sunflowers, there will be a hard winter ahead.
Hum mm, I wonder if that is true???  There seems to be truth in watching the signs that the earth and the heavens give us in every season. . .

I changed decor from one month to the next.  And I accomplished a lot of crocheting this summer
It was so hot here in Utah that I had to stay inside most of the time.  ( don't do well in the heat)
My Granny Square Pillows.
My July Wreath
The "Aunt Carol" hutch is always being changed.
Now It is time to change again. . 
A late Summer favorite is 
Watermelons. . .
So now it is on to Summer's End.  A few little changes in my decor. (I don't do as much as I use to). Which reminds me. . How are you with change?  Oh, decor changes are easy for me. But it is the "Life Changes", that are hard for me to handle.  I have had to go through so many in my lifetime.  For some reason I don't deal with them very well.  Even season changes are hard for me.  A little secret, I am a worrier! Yip, I admit, I worry. . and I worry over it seems a lot of things, I have no control over. And some of the changes of life we have no control over.  In fact most of the major changes in my life I have had no control over.  
I do have control over the changes in my home. So I will just move on to the next decorating change. I hope you will come back for my changes. . . at the
Summer's End.

Hugs, K

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