Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Front Porch Tour

I love porches. . .especially a front porch.

I have so many memories sitting on the front porch of my homes.
I had large front porches. . .until now.
My front porch is about as big as a postage stamp.
Just like my back yard. . 
Oh, well, I still decorate it and I still like sitting on it.
(I will show you my front porch in a few days)
Here is some inspiration I found on a few
Blogs and web-sites I like to visit.
I hope you enjoy the tour of
The Front Porch

Little Bit of Paint changes this with the season.
So adorable. . be sure to visit her blog.
Another Little Bit of Paint 
Love that chippy ladder!

Is one of favorite blogs.
I have followed her for a long, time.
She has the cutest house.
Be sure to check her out.
Just look how she changed the look of an ordinary rambler house
I tell ya, you should see the inside.
Wow! I feel so inadequate with my decorating. . 
I don't know if I want to show you my meager little front porch or not.
Ah, but I will. . .Be sure to come back. . 
Cause I will show my attempt to have a "cute" postage stamp front porch.

Hugs to All. . . 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Feathering The Nest With Sunflowers

Just doing a little feathering of the nest
Fall is finally in the air.
The days are cooling and the nights are cool and delightful.
I have been adding a little Fall-ish here and there in the nest
But now I finally feel the air change and the nesting kicking in.
You know my Aunt Carol Hutch gets changed frequently
Well, it was time to change to the Autumn look
I posted about the beautiful amber carnival glass dish I found.
Well, it needed a  little bit of Autumn added.
Sitting on the Hutch, it is a show of my favorite colors.  
How about a basket full of Autumn. . .Sunflowers, leaves, dried pods.
Oooo. . .I love the look
(I think I am going to paint this chair)
Sunflowers are in abundance in the fields and along the road side.
Oh, these are "faux". But I love them all the same.
A bouquet for the dining table. . .Always a sure sign of Autumn
Simple feathering of the nest for the season I love. . 
Cool days, cool nights. A change in the weather.
The sky is blue, the landscape is changing.
Ah. . I love the Autumn time.
A time to spend in your nest. . Like I always told
My children. . .our nest is the best.


Saturday, September 14, 2013

Junk to Treasure

I did a little Junkin Treasure Hunting.
These are a few pictures of the things I found.
Love this gorgeous Amber dish I found.
We have a local Antique Classified, and I found this beauty.
Some people don't like Amber glass, but I do.
As a matter of fact I love it.
This is actually Carnival Glass. . even better!
Then I found these pretty little plates.
I know they aren't antique, but they are pretty all the same.
Heck, I just hang them on walls, or put them on a decorative shelf.
A gal can never have too many plates, is my philosophy. . 
Ok, I know you are saying "what the heck is that"?
Well, it is a bee skep.. . now you will ask
"What"?, or you may ask "Why"? or possibly
"What do you want with that thing"?
Well. . . . I want to decorate with it.
I will put it in my back yard as a yard decoration.
Hey, they are popular right now.
I bought a small one just not too long ago at Michael's.
The small one is a little easier to decorate with. . but all the same.
I like the big skep. . it will look great in the yard.
Now I am sure you will ask, "What is a Bee Skep"?
Besides being cute to decorate with. .  
In ancient times. . 
"Bee Skeps were carefully designed domed baskets to house bee hives.
Bees need a dry place to make a home. 
But, now days beekeepers are required to be able
to easily open their hives for inspection, therefore skeps are illegal to use."
Also, in ancient Holland a bridal couple was given a skep
 To parade around town with.
A Bee Skep was a symbol of starting a new home and
A swarm of bees was a wedding gift."
                                                      (Modern Farmer)
(google image)
Looks, just like mine!
(google image)
Did I not say it would look cute in my yard?
(google image)
Just look at how cute this is. . Oh my the ideas!
I just think they look "homey" and "cozy" for decorating.
I felt pretty lucky to find the big one.  It only cost me
A couple of dollars.  Where as they sell for many dollars more.
So there you have it. . The Junk Hunt Treasure Hunt
Who would have thought. . .like we say in the Junkin World
Treasure Hunting World.
One man's Junk is another mans Treasure."

See ya later. . 

Monday, September 9, 2013

Is It Really September?

I don't know how it is where you live 
But,  here in Utah is does not feel like September.
It is still HOT, and now it is HUMID!
One thing I dislike even more than HOT is for it to be HUMID too.
I don't know how you folks that live where it is humid can stand it.
I guess you eventually adjust. . .but I am not adjusting 
To this new type of weather.
Oh, Please give me some "Ole Time Fall Weather".
Ok, I will stop my complaining and moaning
And get on with what I am trying to do to make
It feel like it really is September.
Last week I tried to get in the spirit of decorating for Fall
I showed this vignette I created on my 1940 Hemmi table.
Just did not look right to me. . .So I added a little touch to it.
It doesn't take much to make things look a little more pleasing.
A few berry wreaths around the candles, and the look changed.
Much better.
Well, I have done a little more decorating for fall.
Here is just a some of what I have done.
I swear I keep this old t.v. hutch just so I can decorate the top.
Autumn will come. . .some day!
There you have another view of my September Fall-ish decorating.
I love this time of year, but I like it a little cooler than it is right now.
Friday nights I am at high school football games. . .
I have an adorable grandson who plays for our high school team
I come from a long line of football fans.  My Daddy, My Husband
And My Son's and now My Grandson's.
I love Friday Night Lights. . .there is nothing like being at
A football game with your own playing.  
Then on Saturday I watch College Football.. . .
Love, College ball also. . this past Saturday my
Brigham Young University, Cougars 
Chewed up the University of Texas, Longhorns. . 
Oh, yes, it was a great game, and I love the Cougars winning.
Sunday was the Sabbath, Giving my Heart and Soul to the Lord.
And Sunday evening was Family Dinner.
Once a month my children and grandchildren gather at my home
And we have Sunday Dinner together.  All 18 of us!
I am very blessed to have my family living in the same town as me.
Oh, how blessed I am.  I thank the Lord every day for giving me
My children and grandchildren.  They are my world.
It has been 21 years since my husband passed away.
I know the Lord has given me the gift of family close to me
I believe in the Lord's Compensation. . when one blessing is not for us to have.
In return He Compensates us with many other blessings.
Close Family ties is His gift to me.

I hope you will come back soon.

I am partying with these great blogs. . check them out.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Oh, thank goodness it is 
I am so happy you are here!
I love this month. . .
Now, just maybe we can get on with enjoying the season
Why do I love SEPTEMBER. . Well,
For starters, it has been a looooooong hot summer!
And this Momma, does not do well with HOT.
I have been inside work or my house all summer long. . .
And I love to sit outside and enjoy nature.
But this summer. . .I couldn't even sit out at night.
It was HOT.
I must say though it is still in the high 90's.  But at least the nights are cooler.
And I know there is an end in sight for the heat.
Today we even had a thunder storm. . .Oh, thank heaven for
RAIN!  Remember I live in the high desert.
I am not quite ready to bring out all the Fall decorations.
But just wanted you to have a peek at some changes I have made.
Nothing fancy. . . .Just simple changes.
I love September 
Fall is knocking on the door.
Oh, Fall is my favorite time of year.
I love the style of decorating for this time of year.
It is "Cozy" and who doesn't love Cozy?
I will be changing things in a few days.
I am not as quick as some of you at changing things in my home.
I follow several blogs regularly and I find new ones all the time.
I join in the linky parties out there.
I have my favorites and I seem to join them quite often.
I love Blog-land. . .BUT
There is something negative it does to me.
It sometimes. . .makes me feel inadequate. 
My home is Simple.
My decor is simple.. My pictures are simple.
I don't have a lot, I don't have the time to spend on new projects all the time.
I don't have the money for fancy furniture, or elaborate decor
I am me. . .Karie from Utah.
Author and Owner of Karie's Chic Creations.
I love the blogs that are real. The ones that share their imperfections.
I like to read about real People.  Just like me.
The ones whose houses are Homes.
"It takes a heap of livin to make a house a Home."
I love the ones who have 
Faced challenges and share their victories.
It makes me feel good to know there are others out there in
Blog-land who survive each day.
And who share their survival and their victory.
So, having said that. . .I will be sharing more with you my readers.
Nothing fancy, nothing boastful, just simple ole Me, Karie from Utah.
With the Peace of the Savior and through His Grace
I have and continue to survive.
Even Hot ole summers and Cold ole winters.
I look forward to sharing with you.
Happy September!
Glad you are here.


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