Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Feathering The Nest With Sunflowers

Just doing a little feathering of the nest
Fall is finally in the air.
The days are cooling and the nights are cool and delightful.
I have been adding a little Fall-ish here and there in the nest
But now I finally feel the air change and the nesting kicking in.
You know my Aunt Carol Hutch gets changed frequently
Well, it was time to change to the Autumn look
I posted about the beautiful amber carnival glass dish I found.
Well, it needed a  little bit of Autumn added.
Sitting on the Hutch, it is a show of my favorite colors.  
How about a basket full of Autumn. . .Sunflowers, leaves, dried pods.
Oooo. . .I love the look
(I think I am going to paint this chair)
Sunflowers are in abundance in the fields and along the road side.
Oh, these are "faux". But I love them all the same.
A bouquet for the dining table. . .Always a sure sign of Autumn
Simple feathering of the nest for the season I love. . 
Cool days, cool nights. A change in the weather.
The sky is blue, the landscape is changing.
Ah. . I love the Autumn time.
A time to spend in your nest. . Like I always told
My children. . .our nest is the best.