Saturday, September 14, 2013

Junk to Treasure

I did a little Junkin Treasure Hunting.
These are a few pictures of the things I found.
Love this gorgeous Amber dish I found.
We have a local Antique Classified, and I found this beauty.
Some people don't like Amber glass, but I do.
As a matter of fact I love it.
This is actually Carnival Glass. . even better!
Then I found these pretty little plates.
I know they aren't antique, but they are pretty all the same.
Heck, I just hang them on walls, or put them on a decorative shelf.
A gal can never have too many plates, is my philosophy. . 
Ok, I know you are saying "what the heck is that"?
Well, it is a bee skep.. . now you will ask
"What"?, or you may ask "Why"? or possibly
"What do you want with that thing"?
Well. . . . I want to decorate with it.
I will put it in my back yard as a yard decoration.
Hey, they are popular right now.
I bought a small one just not too long ago at Michael's.
The small one is a little easier to decorate with. . but all the same.
I like the big skep. . it will look great in the yard.
Now I am sure you will ask, "What is a Bee Skep"?
Besides being cute to decorate with. .  
In ancient times. . 
"Bee Skeps were carefully designed domed baskets to house bee hives.
Bees need a dry place to make a home. 
But, now days beekeepers are required to be able
to easily open their hives for inspection, therefore skeps are illegal to use."
Also, in ancient Holland a bridal couple was given a skep
 To parade around town with.
A Bee Skep was a symbol of starting a new home and
A swarm of bees was a wedding gift."
                                                      (Modern Farmer)
(google image)
Looks, just like mine!
(google image)
Did I not say it would look cute in my yard?
(google image)
Just look at how cute this is. . Oh my the ideas!
I just think they look "homey" and "cozy" for decorating.
I felt pretty lucky to find the big one.  It only cost me
A couple of dollars.  Where as they sell for many dollars more.
So there you have it. . The Junk Hunt Treasure Hunt
Who would have thought. . .like we say in the Junkin World
Treasure Hunting World.
One man's Junk is another mans Treasure."

See ya later. . 


  1. Looks like you found some great treasures. Love the Bee Keeps.
    Have a great Sunday.

  2. Great finds!

    What an interesting story about the bee hive.

  3. Hi Karie! Oh, I didn't know what a bee skep was. I had seen them before and thought they were used to keep bugs off your food while you ate outside! :) I can see you putting fall things all over it and making it so pretty. I love your pretty bowl you found. I have one piece of carnival glass - an egg dish that was my aunts.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)


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