Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Oh, thank goodness it is 
I am so happy you are here!
I love this month. . .
Now, just maybe we can get on with enjoying the season
Why do I love SEPTEMBER. . Well,
For starters, it has been a looooooong hot summer!
And this Momma, does not do well with HOT.
I have been inside work or my house all summer long. . .
And I love to sit outside and enjoy nature.
But this summer. . .I couldn't even sit out at night.
It was HOT.
I must say though it is still in the high 90's.  But at least the nights are cooler.
And I know there is an end in sight for the heat.
Today we even had a thunder storm. . .Oh, thank heaven for
RAIN!  Remember I live in the high desert.
I am not quite ready to bring out all the Fall decorations.
But just wanted you to have a peek at some changes I have made.
Nothing fancy. . . .Just simple changes.
I love September 
Fall is knocking on the door.
Oh, Fall is my favorite time of year.
I love the style of decorating for this time of year.
It is "Cozy" and who doesn't love Cozy?
I will be changing things in a few days.
I am not as quick as some of you at changing things in my home.
I follow several blogs regularly and I find new ones all the time.
I join in the linky parties out there.
I have my favorites and I seem to join them quite often.
I love Blog-land. . .BUT
There is something negative it does to me.
It sometimes. . .makes me feel inadequate. 
My home is Simple.
My decor is simple.. My pictures are simple.
I don't have a lot, I don't have the time to spend on new projects all the time.
I don't have the money for fancy furniture, or elaborate decor
I am me. . .Karie from Utah.
Author and Owner of Karie's Chic Creations.
I love the blogs that are real. The ones that share their imperfections.
I like to read about real People.  Just like me.
The ones whose houses are Homes.
"It takes a heap of livin to make a house a Home."
I love the ones who have 
Faced challenges and share their victories.
It makes me feel good to know there are others out there in
Blog-land who survive each day.
And who share their survival and their victory.
So, having said that. . .I will be sharing more with you my readers.
Nothing fancy, nothing boastful, just simple ole Me, Karie from Utah.
With the Peace of the Savior and through His Grace
I have and continue to survive.
Even Hot ole summers and Cold ole winters.
I look forward to sharing with you.
Happy September!
Glad you are here.


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  1. We've talked about this very thing before and I agree with you! Just knowing the real Karie is terrifically awesome! Your seasonal decor always look fabulous!


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