Thursday, October 24, 2013

A Pillow A Chair and A Table

Just a few of the little projects I have done in the
Last month or so.
A Pillow, A Chair, and A Table.
I haven't been feeling very well lately.
Lots of doctor's visits and to top it off a dentist visit.
But, I am always in need of keeping my hands busy.
I have had this little half table for quite a few years.
It was painted black.
My Auntie Colleen gave it to me
I wasn't too happy with the black. . 
So as always a little paint takes care of that.
You can't see that I also "antiqued" it.
I just use, Minwax, Providence Stain.  I love the color it gives.
This little chair is also from my Auntie,
I love the color. And I love child size chairs.
The pillow I did the hand-work . . it reads
"The harvest of true friendship 
Is the Most blessed of all."
I believe this to be true.
I don't know what I would do without my friends
They are such a great support and comfort to me.
I am truly blessed because I have friends.
So even in the midst of not feeling well, working full-time
And all the other things that go on in life.
I find the time to relax. . and enjoy working with my hands.
Thanks you for coming by.
I certainly hope you will stop by again.
Remember if you have friends you are blessed.

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Blog Header For a Dummie

I have fiddled and fiddled with my blog header.
Looked at various blogs to see what they have.
And searched on how to make my own header.
I even ask for suggestions from friends on  Facebook.
I just try as I go
It is total trial and error for me
Here are a few of the ones I came up with.
Just wasn't right. . Seemed too much
And someone said I needed the title of my blog
To really stand out.
No, No won't do at all.
Another thing I have a hard time is getting the right size.
To tell you the truth I would like to have someone who knows
What they are doing design my blog. . .
But, alas, my blog is just for enjoyment. . 
Not a money maker. . 
So I just can't justify paying someone to do the designing.
Any hoooo, I will be satisfied with the Header I made.
And hopefully learn along the way
So next month when I change it I will know a little more of what I am doing.
Hugs to you all.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Learning to Make a Header

Don't mind the blog today.  Just trying to learn to make my Header look nice.  I am learning. You may be seeing all kinds of different things on the blog

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Home and Family

Hello, my dear friends. . 
I wanted to share a few thoughts I have had today about
My Home and my Family.
"Home is Where Your Heart is".
My family is the heart of my 
There is no where else I want to be than with my family
Where they are.... I want to be.
I am so thankful to have the beautiful family I have.
Four children, their spouses and nine grandchildren.
I certainly have a nest full.
The small subway art above the shelf
Has a few words that are symbolic of my family
Hugs and kisses
(oh believe me we are loud, when we are all together)
I am blessed to have my children and I live in the same town.
I cherish every moment I have with them.
And pray I have many many days, months and years with them.
I have tried to liveby these standards,
Nothing on this earth is more important than
The love of my children.
A clean warm home, where love is spoken,
Where broken hearts are mended.
And where the Love of God and His Commandments are taught.
Where ever I may roam, my heart is always drawn to 

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Friday, October 18, 2013

Out And About On Main Street

It has been a gorgeous day where I live.
I love this time of year and today has proved why I love it.
Blue sky, trees changing colors, the air is crisp. . 
So much beauty all around.
A day off from the regular schedule was what I needed.
I had lunch with a sweet friend yesterday. 
And today lunch with another sweet friend.
I was out and about. . .
I did some window shopping. . 
Do you ever do that?
Now that Internet shopping is so accessible, I seldom just 
Walk down my little Main Street and window shop.
I love to see the small town "Mom and Pop" shops.
It is mostly "Mom" shops.
It is where everyone knows your name. . .!
This is Tracy. . .She is the creative genius behind
Ellie Jean's
I met Tracy when she just started her shop.
I went in to see if she would sell some of my crochet items.
And she did!
Since that day she has expanded and moved to a bigger place.
She has some adorable things. . .new, vintage, handmade. . 
Fresh flower arrangements. . or beautiful faux arrangements.
And she even sells Cup Cakes. . ya yummy Cup Cakes. . 
My dream was to own my own little shop. . but
It never happened for me.
Little shops are a lot of work. . but so worth it.
Small old Main Streets like in my town have a hard time.
Small town USA is fragile.
I hope we can all stop and do some window shopping
Say hello and buy a few things from the small shops
Shops like Ellie Jean's 
Are unique in and of themselves. . 
Many times they sell homemade things. ..  the one of a kind.
The things that are made by loving hands.
Made by people who are craftsmen (women) and artists
Let's all try to keep them Open. . 
The places where they know us by name. . 
The Small Shops 
On Small Town Main Streets.
In the USA.

If you are ever passing through my little un-pronounceable town
Be sure to stop by. . 

Saturday, October 12, 2013

My Small Spot On Earth

Hello my friends,
I hope everyone is enjoying this time of year.
I certainly am. .I am loving the beautiful
Autumn in my little spot of earth.
I live in  Utah. . .Northern Utah
We have the most beautiful mountains with the
Most spectacular display of Natures beauty.
I am in the  little western Utah town of
I know, if you are not familiar with the name
Don't even try to pronounce it.  You won't get it right.
Tooele is on the western side of the Oquirrah Mountains.
And don't try to pronounce Oquirrah because again you won't get it.
(Just sayin)
We are a beautiful well kept secret. . 
. . .we are off the beaten path.
Small enough to feel rural, but close to the big city of Salt Lake.
The sky is so blue this time of year,
And the mountains are so colorful. . It takes my breath away.
The early Mormon Pioneers settled the towns and cities of Utah
And Tooele was no different.  
The Pioneer spirit is still felt. . .and hopefully it will never leave.
It is good to remember the past.  We can learn much from those who have
Gone before us. . .There are always lessons to be learned.
I have never lived where there are no mountains.
I feel so protected by the mountains. 
I love them.
Water is precious in the west. . especially in the western valleys of Utah
Tooele is on the edge of the Great Basin Desert. . 
We are about 4700 plus feet above sea level
We have hard winters, and the summer is  high temperatures and little rain.
I descend from the Pioneers that settled Utah.
My little spot of earth is a small obscure place in the
Vastness of this world....But it is my spot
And I am so grateful the good Lord placed me here
In the Mountain Valleys of Utah
Tooele is the place. . (the un-pronounceable name.)
But she is a beautiful little spot on this earth.

Please Do Come Back. . 
I love to have you visit.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Fall Front Porch

I think I have lost the "touch"
Well, I am not sure I ever had the "touch"
I have a front porch the size of a postage stamp. . 
Really it is. . 
I can't decorate it. . .It doesn't look right to me.
I done, and re-done, and done again. . 
Nothing is working.
Here is the wreath. . blah! Just ordinary. . Can't think of anything else.
And can't think of anything to liven it up.
Not feeling the love even with this pumpkin topiary.
Oh, dear oh, dear what is a person to do?
This is what is out there right now.
But, I am not happy with it.
I think I will head to the pumpkin patch tomorrow.
Maybe a few larger pumpkins will help the look.
Hey, I do like my little cacti garden. . . 
I am going to keep it on the porch as long as I can
When it gets too cold I will bring it inside so I have it for next year.
Not much to show you . . .that little porch has stumped me.
I think it would be easier to decorate a bigger porch.
Like I said I will maybe add some bigger pumpkins and a few mums.
Maybe that will help it.
Please do come back again.
Hugs, K

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