Sunday, October 6, 2013

Fall Front Porch

I think I have lost the "touch"
Well, I am not sure I ever had the "touch"
I have a front porch the size of a postage stamp. . 
Really it is. . 
I can't decorate it. . .It doesn't look right to me.
I done, and re-done, and done again. . 
Nothing is working.
Here is the wreath. . blah! Just ordinary. . Can't think of anything else.
And can't think of anything to liven it up.
Not feeling the love even with this pumpkin topiary.
Oh, dear oh, dear what is a person to do?
This is what is out there right now.
But, I am not happy with it.
I think I will head to the pumpkin patch tomorrow.
Maybe a few larger pumpkins will help the look.
Hey, I do like my little cacti garden. . . 
I am going to keep it on the porch as long as I can
When it gets too cold I will bring it inside so I have it for next year.
Not much to show you . . .that little porch has stumped me.
I think it would be easier to decorate a bigger porch.
Like I said I will maybe add some bigger pumpkins and a few mums.
Maybe that will help it.
Please do come back again.
Hugs, K

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