Sunday, October 20, 2013

Home and Family

Hello, my dear friends. . 
I wanted to share a few thoughts I have had today about
My Home and my Family.
"Home is Where Your Heart is".
My family is the heart of my 
There is no where else I want to be than with my family
Where they are.... I want to be.
I am so thankful to have the beautiful family I have.
Four children, their spouses and nine grandchildren.
I certainly have a nest full.
The small subway art above the shelf
Has a few words that are symbolic of my family
Hugs and kisses
(oh believe me we are loud, when we are all together)
I am blessed to have my children and I live in the same town.
I cherish every moment I have with them.
And pray I have many many days, months and years with them.
I have tried to liveby these standards,
Nothing on this earth is more important than
The love of my children.
A clean warm home, where love is spoken,
Where broken hearts are mended.
And where the Love of God and His Commandments are taught.
Where ever I may roam, my heart is always drawn to 

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