Saturday, October 12, 2013

My Small Spot On Earth

Hello my friends,
I hope everyone is enjoying this time of year.
I certainly am. .I am loving the beautiful
Autumn in my little spot of earth.
I live in  Utah. . .Northern Utah
We have the most beautiful mountains with the
Most spectacular display of Natures beauty.
I am in the  little western Utah town of
I know, if you are not familiar with the name
Don't even try to pronounce it.  You won't get it right.
Tooele is on the western side of the Oquirrah Mountains.
And don't try to pronounce Oquirrah because again you won't get it.
(Just sayin)
We are a beautiful well kept secret. . 
. . .we are off the beaten path.
Small enough to feel rural, but close to the big city of Salt Lake.
The sky is so blue this time of year,
And the mountains are so colorful. . It takes my breath away.
The early Mormon Pioneers settled the towns and cities of Utah
And Tooele was no different.  
The Pioneer spirit is still felt. . .and hopefully it will never leave.
It is good to remember the past.  We can learn much from those who have
Gone before us. . .There are always lessons to be learned.
I have never lived where there are no mountains.
I feel so protected by the mountains. 
I love them.
Water is precious in the west. . especially in the western valleys of Utah
Tooele is on the edge of the Great Basin Desert. . 
We are about 4700 plus feet above sea level
We have hard winters, and the summer is  high temperatures and little rain.
I descend from the Pioneers that settled Utah.
My little spot of earth is a small obscure place in the
Vastness of this world....But it is my spot
And I am so grateful the good Lord placed me here
In the Mountain Valleys of Utah
Tooele is the place. . (the un-pronounceable name.)
But she is a beautiful little spot on this earth.

Please Do Come Back. . 
I love to have you visit.


  1. How beautiful! I like how there are trees that dot the hill and change color.

    I actually know how to pronounce your town, because I use to live in Utah.

  2. What a beautiful post!! Breath taking pictures!! Thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind words!!


  3. Beautiful scenery and such beautiful words to match!

  4. What beautiful mountains and's always a blessing to be living where you really enjoy it.
    Hugs to you this morning.

  5. Hi Karie! What a lovely place you live in. A few years back we took a road trip and drove through Utah! I had never seen those beautiful red mountains before! Just gorgeous. Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  6. Thanks for your visit and comment about my porches; so sweet of you. I'm glad to stop by and see your part of the world, and it's so nice that you live in a place you love. The pictures are beautiful. I also visited your porch...I think it's very cute, and I really like the pumpkin topiary. ~Zuni

  7. Such gorgeous pictures. Love seeing the colors of fall. Thanks for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty


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