Friday, October 18, 2013

Out And About On Main Street

It has been a gorgeous day where I live.
I love this time of year and today has proved why I love it.
Blue sky, trees changing colors, the air is crisp. . 
So much beauty all around.
A day off from the regular schedule was what I needed.
I had lunch with a sweet friend yesterday. 
And today lunch with another sweet friend.
I was out and about. . .
I did some window shopping. . 
Do you ever do that?
Now that Internet shopping is so accessible, I seldom just 
Walk down my little Main Street and window shop.
I love to see the small town "Mom and Pop" shops.
It is mostly "Mom" shops.
It is where everyone knows your name. . .!
This is Tracy. . .She is the creative genius behind
Ellie Jean's
I met Tracy when she just started her shop.
I went in to see if she would sell some of my crochet items.
And she did!
Since that day she has expanded and moved to a bigger place.
She has some adorable things. . .new, vintage, handmade. . 
Fresh flower arrangements. . or beautiful faux arrangements.
And she even sells Cup Cakes. . ya yummy Cup Cakes. . 
My dream was to own my own little shop. . but
It never happened for me.
Little shops are a lot of work. . but so worth it.
Small old Main Streets like in my town have a hard time.
Small town USA is fragile.
I hope we can all stop and do some window shopping
Say hello and buy a few things from the small shops
Shops like Ellie Jean's 
Are unique in and of themselves. . 
Many times they sell homemade things. ..  the one of a kind.
The things that are made by loving hands.
Made by people who are craftsmen (women) and artists
Let's all try to keep them Open. . 
The places where they know us by name. . 
The Small Shops 
On Small Town Main Streets.
In the USA.

If you are ever passing through my little un-pronounceable town
Be sure to stop by. . 

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