Wednesday, November 6, 2013

New Little Babies

Oh, I must, I must
Introduce you to my new little fur babies.
Ted and Cash
I have been so lonely since I lost my little Zoey.
Oh, yes I have my children, but they have their own homes
I have just felt such a loss, and an empitness 
I needed energy, life motion in my home.
I didn't think I could ever have another little Furry Baby
But these two little fellows came into my life
And I am happy and my heart is filled with love again.
No more lonely nights, no more empty house
They are young and full of life and they love me.
I am thrilled to have my new little Fur Babies.
I am sure you will see more of them.


  1. Oh Keri, I love your fur babies. They are so cute and cuddly. I live alone and I would be lost without my 2 dogs. They keep an eye on me, give me unconditional love and are my best friends. They are always so happy when you come home and are never crabby or mean.
    So glad that you got 2 dogs - they will keep each other happy. Enjoy them!!!

  2. What an abundance of blessings! They're adorable. Isn't it wonderful to come home to someone who misses you so much when you away? (Even if it's out to check the mail!) Our home couldn't function without our little boys in furry pajamas - nothing worse than an empty lap. Congratulations on the new additions. -- Jan


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