Tuesday, November 12, 2013

November Changes

Well hello my friends,
So glad you stopped by.
Really, I am glad you stopped to see me.
I have made a few changes in my living room
My living room is not a fancy room.
It is the "Living" room.
This is where I spend a lot a time. . .
Oh, I have a lovely family room.
I will show you one of these days.
But, I like to be where the action is. . 
I live to look out my big front window. . and I live to
Be close to all my rooms. . .
So. . .my television is in my living room.
And good heavens I won't show you my chair.
I think I have turned into Archie Bunker or Frazier's father.
I love my chair.
Anyhow.. . .My television is in the "make believe" cabinet.
It had cute doors on it . . . But
When the doors were open you couldn't see the little tables on both sides.
So, I decided to change things, and I took the doors off
Now my television is bare. . .
I rather like it this way.  The open doors don't get in the way
Oh, one of these days I will have a "nice" t.v. cabinet.
But for now this cheap DI $8.00 painted one will have to do.
I did make a few changes. . .not much
I stayed with my fall decorations, and added my 
Thanksgiving things.
I am still a sucker for holiday decorations. . 
I live a lone, and the grand kids are growing up
But, I still have to bring out the holiday decorations I have had for years.
Maybe it is because they hold so many memories for me.
Of times long past when my children were young. . 
And delighted so much in decorating the house.
Or is it still the child in me?
No matter what the reason is. . I hope I am able to continue to
Decorate my home, the way I want it done.
I am by far NOT a home interior designer. . 
My goodness my humble home would never be recognized by anyone
But myself. . .so be it. . it is HOME to me.
After seeing the devastation of the storm in the Philippine's 
I am so thankful to have a cozy, warm, lovely home.
I hope you will stop by again.  I enjoy the company. . 


  1. HI Karie! Oh, I love your living room and the cabinet with the TV looks great without the doors! Thank you so much for your sweet words.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. Karie, I think your home is lovely! I like your TV cabinet without the doors, too. Your home exudes warmth and coziness. Your decorations are lovely!! Enjoy your evening!

  3. It's cozy and warmly decorated. Your couch is so cute!

  4. Your home is always lovely and cozy and warm and full of the Spirit! Hugs.


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