Tuesday, November 12, 2013

November Changes

Well hello my friends,
So glad you stopped by.
Really, I am glad you stopped to see me.
I have made a few changes in my living room
My living room is not a fancy room.
It is the "Living" room.
This is where I spend a lot a time. . .
Oh, I have a lovely family room.
I will show you one of these days.
But, I like to be where the action is. . 
I live to look out my big front window. . and I live to
Be close to all my rooms. . .
So. . .my television is in my living room.
And good heavens I won't show you my chair.
I think I have turned into Archie Bunker or Frazier's father.
I love my chair.
Anyhow.. . .My television is in the "make believe" cabinet.
It had cute doors on it . . . But
When the doors were open you couldn't see the little tables on both sides.
So, I decided to change things, and I took the doors off
Now my television is bare. . .
I rather like it this way.  The open doors don't get in the way
Oh, one of these days I will have a "nice" t.v. cabinet.
But for now this cheap DI $8.00 painted one will have to do.
I did make a few changes. . .not much
I stayed with my fall decorations, and added my 
Thanksgiving things.
I am still a sucker for holiday decorations. . 
I live a lone, and the grand kids are growing up
But, I still have to bring out the holiday decorations I have had for years.
Maybe it is because they hold so many memories for me.
Of times long past when my children were young. . 
And delighted so much in decorating the house.
Or is it still the child in me?
No matter what the reason is. . I hope I am able to continue to
Decorate my home, the way I want it done.
I am by far NOT a home interior designer. . 
My goodness my humble home would never be recognized by anyone
But myself. . .so be it. . it is HOME to me.
After seeing the devastation of the storm in the Philippine's 
I am so thankful to have a cozy, warm, lovely home.
I hope you will stop by again.  I enjoy the company. .