Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Decorations ~ The End!

Gosh I am just not with it this year.
I have not had the Spirit of Christmas.
I have been so unorganized, I am surprised 
I actually pulled it off.
And I have really neglected my decorating
Therefore, I haven't been active on my blog.
I am sorry about that, and I hope you can 
Understand. . . sometimes, you have it sometimes you don't.
I will finish up with just a few pictures of my decorating.
Like I said not much got done.
My hutch is always so much fun to decorate.
I love it!
No matter what I do, it is a showcase.
I love to show off my collections. . 
(You will notice little Cash wandered into the photo)
Like I said, Christmas decorating didn't turn out the way I had envisioned.
Now Christmas has come and gone. . kind of like a flash!
I do have some ideas for next year.
And I hope I am much more organized and in the Spirit.
I do hope you and yours celebrated in the grandest of fashion 
Merry Christmas 
And here is to better days ahead!
Love to all of you. . who check on me and are my dear
Blogging friends.  Just a joy to hear from you and see that you have visited.

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