Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Bug Has Hit Me~~~It Is Called The Gunk Sickness

Oh, let me tell you,  
A terrible "Sick Bug" hit me
Not the influenza, but almost as bad.
The aches, the headache, the chest congestion, the fever. . .
Sick, Sick, Sick!
And I don't like being sick.
My doctor called it "The Gunk Sickness".
About all that can be done, is lots of fluids, Tylenol or Motrin
And lots of Bed-Rest.
And to tell you the truth I am fine with that.
I don't feel like doing anything. . 
I just want my comfy bed.

Here in Utah, sometimes in the winter we have what is call
The Dreaded Inversion
It is where the cold air is trapped in the valley floors
And the warm air is above.
This causes an Inversion. . .
All the pollution and bad air is trapped in the valley
If you go to the mountains, the air is clean and they sky is blue
Also trapped in the inversion are all the germs.
Yes, the Gunk sickness my Doctor said I have is caused by all the
Trapped pollutants and germs.
Not good at all.
The Western United States is in a terrible drought.
As we pray for relief for the Easter States from all the storms,
Please don't forget the Western States,
We need the rain and the snow.
And we need the jet-stream to change to help clean the air.
So while you bloggers party along. . .I will be wrapped in my comfy quilt
And getting the bed rest I need to fight this Gunk Sickness.
Be sure to come back though.
I miss ya!

(I used Google Images for my pictures. Too sick to take my own)

Saturday, January 18, 2014

A Little Hutch Happiness

I love a little Hutch Happiness.
You know how much I love my  little
Aunt Carol Hutch.
Love, love to decorate her for Christmas
And just about all the other holidays.
But, the fun comes when there isn't a holiday theme for me
And I just get to decorate her.
Like most of you, after the holidays, my house seems so barren
And then to add to it all, I suffer from post Christmas depression.
Oh, darn, I suffer from depression all the time,
But after the holidays I really feel. . ."Down"
So. . . 
This is when I do something that can make me happy.
I decorated the Aunt Carol Hutch
It always makes me happy and it brings back
Sweet Memories
Of my Aunt that I loved dearly.
Doesn't take much to make this little lady look beautiful
I love my white hen and rooster.
And the blue transfer plates I found at the thrift store.
Of course my Milk Glass always makes me happy.
Top of the hutch is a fun place to decorate too.
I usually always have my Pfalsgraft pieces out. . 
I just got the new little lanterns for Christmas.
Another piece of my Pfalsgraft.

I still have these little darlings. . .My red cardinals make me smile.
The little Aunt Carol Hutch looks so cute and always makes me 
Happy, Happy, Happy.
And she brings a cheerfulness to my home.
So. . .what decorating makes you 
There are a lot of things that makes me happy.
Little Hutch is just a small portion of the 
Happiness I enjoy.
I am trying each day to find things that make me Happy
Happiness is all around me. . .
In abundance. 
Be sure to come back

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Monday, January 6, 2014

Simple Winter Decorating

Oh, the beauties of Home in the 
Winter Times. 
Home is cozy and warm.
After all the Christmas Cheer and over indulgence it is nice to get back to
Just some simple Winter decorating.
I once thought my house looked bear after all the color and tinsel of Christmas
But, now I think of it as more of a cozy warm Winter simplicity. . 
I love the reds for Winter warmth and coziness.
My little Red Cardinals bring a bit of charm to the room.
Did you know that we do not have Cardinal birds in Utah?
I don't know why, but we do not have them. . .
I have never seen a "real" Cardinal.
Maybe that is why I like to decorate with them.
I do love the change of seasons, and I love Winter.
And I love January. . It is a serene time of year.
Winter is a time to enjoy Home. . .
And as you may well know I am a Homebody.
I love to be home.
Winter is the time to enjoy warmth and coziness.
The feeling of being wrapped in a warm quilt
Watching my favorite shows or reading a good book
Brings a sense of security and peace.
Winter is a time of quiet reflection. . the simple things of life
Are many times the greatest pleasures.
 there is sound to winter. . and there is color to winter.
 Listen. . .the sound is soft and quiet, the color is simple and serene.
Oh, how I love being in my Home enjoying Winter.

I hope you enjoy your time at home. . in the Winter.
Please do come back again.
I am joining.
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Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Wow! 2014
Where oh, where did you come from
January 2014?
I can not believe how fast time is going.
Why it was just yesterday it was 2000
We are 14 years into the Millennium. . 
Is that possible?
I don't know about you, but I am always
Just a little frightened of the New Year.
Oh, it is just me.. . .that dare pessimist comes out,
Instead of looking forward to the new year with all
The prospects of a happy life and new horizons.
I become fearful of what challenges the new year may hold.
I am the person who cries when I take the
Christmas tree down, and box the decorations away.
You see, I have had many years when the new year was very
Frightening, and I have had so many changes, some good and some
I wish I had never gone through. . .But. . I am a woman of Faith
And I know that no matter where the road may lead
The Lord is by my side and will take me there and help me adjust.
So. . .My goal for this year of 2014 is to be more optimistic. . 
I want to be happy!
I want to look at each new day as a new adventure in life.
Even if I do the same things . . .it is still a new day.
I want shed the weight of worry, and fear. . 
Worry and Fear are the opposites of 
Two simple goals. . (keeping it simple)
Be Happy
Have Faith
We will see how that works out for me. . (wink, wink)

I am looking forward to a new year for my little blog.
I started this blog just for fun. . I wanted to meet new people
It has been a joy. . .
Though I don't put as much time into my blog as I should.
When I started over 4 years ago, I wasn't working.
Now I work full time, and have had many changes in my life.
So my little Karie's Chic Creations. . gets neglected quite often.
The blog has gone through a few changes. . first I wanted to do
Crafts and DIY. . that was a lot of work and creative energy.
Then I focused on my home and my decorating style. . 
That has been good, but my decorating is nothing out of the ordinary.
I am just a simple ordinary person, who loves to decorate on a budget.
I like to change things, and rearrange things, I like to make old things look new.
I actually think I am more of a . . . oh, more of a woman who likes to create.
So, if you follow me,  please continue, and if you are new, please come back.
I will keep moving forward, one day at a time.