Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Bug Has Hit Me~~~It Is Called The Gunk Sickness

Oh, let me tell you,  
A terrible "Sick Bug" hit me
Not the influenza, but almost as bad.
The aches, the headache, the chest congestion, the fever. . .
Sick, Sick, Sick!
And I don't like being sick.
My doctor called it "The Gunk Sickness".
About all that can be done, is lots of fluids, Tylenol or Motrin
And lots of Bed-Rest.
And to tell you the truth I am fine with that.
I don't feel like doing anything. . 
I just want my comfy bed.

Here in Utah, sometimes in the winter we have what is call
The Dreaded Inversion
It is where the cold air is trapped in the valley floors
And the warm air is above.
This causes an Inversion. . .
All the pollution and bad air is trapped in the valley
If you go to the mountains, the air is clean and they sky is blue
Also trapped in the inversion are all the germs.
Yes, the Gunk sickness my Doctor said I have is caused by all the
Trapped pollutants and germs.
Not good at all.
The Western United States is in a terrible drought.
As we pray for relief for the Easter States from all the storms,
Please don't forget the Western States,
We need the rain and the snow.
And we need the jet-stream to change to help clean the air.
So while you bloggers party along. . .I will be wrapped in my comfy quilt
And getting the bed rest I need to fight this Gunk Sickness.
Be sure to come back though.
I miss ya!

(I used Google Images for my pictures. Too sick to take my own)


  1. Karie, Get Well Soon!!! I hate you are so sick! Take care!

  2. I hope you get well soon. XOXO We get inversions in the valley too. Yuk!

  3. So many people have been complaining of being sick, but not the flu.

    Home the gunk sickness is gone quickly.


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