Saturday, January 18, 2014

A Little Hutch Happiness

I love a little Hutch Happiness.
You know how much I love my  little
Aunt Carol Hutch.
Love, love to decorate her for Christmas
And just about all the other holidays.
But, the fun comes when there isn't a holiday theme for me
And I just get to decorate her.
Like most of you, after the holidays, my house seems so barren
And then to add to it all, I suffer from post Christmas depression.
Oh, darn, I suffer from depression all the time,
But after the holidays I really feel. . ."Down"
So. . . 
This is when I do something that can make me happy.
I decorated the Aunt Carol Hutch
It always makes me happy and it brings back
Sweet Memories
Of my Aunt that I loved dearly.
Doesn't take much to make this little lady look beautiful
I love my white hen and rooster.
And the blue transfer plates I found at the thrift store.
Of course my Milk Glass always makes me happy.
Top of the hutch is a fun place to decorate too.
I usually always have my Pfalsgraft pieces out. . 
I just got the new little lanterns for Christmas.
Another piece of my Pfalsgraft.

I still have these little darlings. . .My red cardinals make me smile.
The little Aunt Carol Hutch looks so cute and always makes me 
Happy, Happy, Happy.
And she brings a cheerfulness to my home.
So. . .what decorating makes you 
There are a lot of things that makes me happy.
Little Hutch is just a small portion of the 
Happiness I enjoy.
I am trying each day to find things that make me Happy
Happiness is all around me. . .
In abundance. 
Be sure to come back

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  1. I love your hutch too and you always create such fun and lovely vignettes. Hugs, Marty

  2. It looks so pretty! I love what you did with the hutch!


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