Monday, January 6, 2014

Simple Winter Decorating

Oh, the beauties of Home in the 
Winter Times. 
Home is cozy and warm.
After all the Christmas Cheer and over indulgence it is nice to get back to
Just some simple Winter decorating.
I once thought my house looked bear after all the color and tinsel of Christmas
But, now I think of it as more of a cozy warm Winter simplicity. . 
I love the reds for Winter warmth and coziness.
My little Red Cardinals bring a bit of charm to the room.
Did you know that we do not have Cardinal birds in Utah?
I don't know why, but we do not have them. . .
I have never seen a "real" Cardinal.
Maybe that is why I like to decorate with them.
I do love the change of seasons, and I love Winter.
And I love January. . It is a serene time of year.
Winter is a time to enjoy Home. . .
And as you may well know I am a Homebody.
I love to be home.
Winter is the time to enjoy warmth and coziness.
The feeling of being wrapped in a warm quilt
Watching my favorite shows or reading a good book
Brings a sense of security and peace.
Winter is a time of quiet reflection. . the simple things of life
Are many times the greatest pleasures.
 there is sound to winter. . and there is color to winter.
 Listen. . .the sound is soft and quiet, the color is simple and serene.
Oh, how I love being in my Home enjoying Winter.

I hope you enjoy your time at home. . in the Winter.
Please do come back again.
I am joining.
Savvy Southern Style/Wow Us Wednesday