Friday, May 23, 2014

Enduring With Faith and Hope

Hello my wonderful faithful friends,
Last time I posted I was really struggling.
Now one week later, I am full of Hope and Faith
Things really do have a way of working out.
I haven't seen the full picture, but I know my Savior has
And He always steers me in the right direction.
I know I have made the right decision to retire.
There I said it, I have RETIRED.
Oh, not from life, just from my employment.
I expect life will become even more full and 
A lot more Fulfilling.
I have a little rose bush by my front steps
I have watched it now for two years as it tried to endure
The many difficulties it must go through in order for it to 
Grow and bloom and be the beautiful flower the Lord intended it to be..
You know a rose is pretty amazing under perfect circumstances.
It blooms in the mist of thorns. . . 
This poor little rose bush is pathetic, the soil is not ideal 
The yard maintenance people 
Do not understand how to trim a rose bush.
 The winter months are harsh for this little rose bush.
It receives very little water during the summer.
I bring buckets of water to it because the sprinklers don't reach it.
Poor little thing. . so much to endure.
But, no matter what. . . .this little rose bush comes back
Each year it increases in the beauty it produces.
Each year it becomes more and more endearing.
In spite of all the hardships and obstacles
It still is beautiful and the blooms beautiful
It gives me much happiness.
 Its beauty and its shear determination
To Live
Makes me even more determined to do all I can to help it survive.
This tender sweet rose bush has taught me a lesson.
If you continue to Endure, with happiness in your heart
No matter the difficulties life brings you. . . you can still
Be Hopeful, Faithful, and Endearing.
It is true. . .
Show the world and the Lord you can
Continue to be productive and beautiful.
You can survive. . .and with a little help from family and friends.
You can make it.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.
This is the weekend that begins the 100 days of Summer.
God Bless You.