Sunday, May 4, 2014

Gratitude In Times of Trials

Hello my dear ones,
I have been missing for so long,
I hope you remember me and someone 
Just someone has stuck by me and 
Welcomes my return to Blogging.
You see I had Rotator Cuff surgery 
Six weeks ago, and before that I had pneumonia
Let me tell you, I have been one sick gal
I shouldn't even show the pictures of me in my
Brace/sling for my shoulder but just to prove I have
Been out for a very good reason here is the proof.
I am telling you I would not wish this on anyone!
It has been a rough journey
I am in Physical Therapy now and it is brutal.
But, it is something I have to do.
I want full use of my arm again.
I know that there are always lessons to learn
When we go through trials, of any sort.
Through this trial there is so much I have learned
And the Lord has shown me.
There are very good people in this world.
I am grateful I have surrounded myself with charitable people
Believe me I have needed a lot of help 
I have marveled at the wonder of the human body.
The healing process is a miracle.
What a blessing. . .I thank God every day for my body
And that it is healing.
I have learned I am never alone.
Not only are there family and friends here to help and console,
There are "chariots of Angels", 
Their mission is to rescue, console, support and give the 
Balm of Gilead 
I bow in humility, at the knowledge I have of
The power of Prayer and Blessings.
Oh, the joy of knowing that I am a Child of God
And He is ready and willing to heal my broken body 
In the loneliest of times, He has sent my Angels. . 
I am now on the road to recovery. . .
I am Back.
I haven't been able to do a lot, but
There are just some things I must do and I must have.
I needed Flowers. .  .It is May. . Flowers lift my spirit!
I needed to do a little decorating. . It is Spring. . .
I needed the soothing colors of Spring. . 
I hope you will come back for more. . .
Right now I do more rambling than I do creating.
So please do come back and visit.
Hugs to all.


  1. Welcome back! You are blessed to have so many people to help. xoxo

  2. Hi Karie,
    Oh my you poor dear....I know rotator cuff surgery is painful, my brother n law had the same surgery. You are so right PT is the best thing for you even tho it hurts...Sending you get well hugs, Elizabeth


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