Thursday, May 15, 2014

Me Loves A Pretty Garden

Hello my friends,
I know I am slow on the posts, but this has been an
unusual year for me.  I am still having Physical Therapy on my
shoulder.  It just seems so slow. But I guess that is how healing is.
One must be patient.
A virtue I lack!
But, I am slowly learning.
Here is what I was doing last year at this time.

Painting my shed, and planting my little yard.
Also doing some painting of old things for my yard.
Well this year, it hasn't looked too good.
Until some dear friends came and weeded and planted for me.
I will show you the results of that another day.
I can do a little but not much.
Last year my front porch looked like this

Well, for this year I have made a few little changes
Oh, how I love living in my little home.
And believe me it is little, but it is just right for me.
Be sure to come back and see what I have done
For this year.
Even with a arm that doesn't work right, and a let that
Is giving me constant pain.
Oh, life is grand, but ya gotta love it.
See you a little later on updates.
I will be joining these great blogs.


  1. Oh Karie, I know it is so hard to wait for things to heal. I pray that it will recover more quickly for you. I love that chippy chair and your home is so warm and cozy! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  2. I love that little chair in your garden! Get well soon!


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