Friday, May 9, 2014

Pickle Jar Flowers for Mom

Well, hello dear friends,
I am happy to be with you today.
I have had a rough week, but with the bad also come the good.
One good thing is my ugly black sling is off of me!
I am not even going to show a picture of that thing.
Hope I never have to be in one again.
A rough spot is Physical Therapy has kicked up!
Full gear now, getting my arm and shoulder to work right.
I really can't complain, I am thankful for the medical knowledge
To help repair and restore an injury. . .so I will paste on the
Happy Smile. . But it still hurts!
I decided when in a Pickle make Flowers.
Well, the flowers are real flowers, it is the jars that are from pickles.
I made these cute flower jars for 4 young Mommies that I know and love.
They were simple as could be.
 I had saved some pickle jars thinking some day I would think of
Some crafty thing to use them for.
So there you have it just cute burlap, rick rac and a button.
I think they turned out so cute.. . . that rough ole burlap
Can make the cutest things. . Don't you agree?
So there you have it 
Flowers in a Pickle Jar for Mom

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  1. What a clever idea and they look so pretty. I feel for you with your shoulder injury - I have had a bad shoulder for the last 20 years and I will not go through another surgery again. Can't lift my arm but I can use it.
    Have a wonderful Mothers Day.


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