Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Good To Be In The Garden

Finally the front door has a door hanging.
I am slow for the summer season. . 
I haven't had my door decorated for a month.
Yikes! What will the neighbors say?
I will be changing it in a week though.
Getting ready for the month of July
And the 4th of July.
Well, better late than never.
I do like the front door decorated though.
I had to re-plant the pots on the front porch.
My little pansy's died! (a tear)
I think it was partially my fault. . I think I over fertilized.
I have a tendency to do that.  I figure a little more will make the
Flowers grow even bigger sooner.
But I also they received too much sun. . my porch is a south one.
It gets sun all day, and it is concrete so it gets pretty hot.
Any way the little pansy, just couldn't take it all.
I am thinking of painting my table yellow.
For some reason this year I am into yellow for my outside.
The nice thing about paint. . .I can change it. . .often.
Notice the tall bottle, that was a DI find. I spray painted it yellow.
It seems so good to get out and putter in my yard and garden.
As you know I had shoulder surgery a few months ago
And I haven't been able to do much. . .So it was nice to
Just putter around in the yard.
This was my little helper. . if you can say that.  
He was more of a bother than help.
He likes to dig!
He is Teddy, his brother Cash wanted to stay inside
Where it was nice and cool. . . Teddy is the character!
Cash is more mild and he minds me. . .Teddy is another story.
But, I don't know what I would do without these two little fellers,
They are my constant companions.
Hopefully tomorrow I can get a little more yard work done.
The weeds are about to take over my little postage stamp size yard.
Hope you are enjoying your time in your garden and yard.


  1. I love the yellow too! I think the bench will look nice yellow. And you are so right...when you get tired of it or don't like it, you just paint it again. Teddy is pretty cute too!

  2. LOVE your bright and cheerful colors!! Especially that wonderful yellow!!

    Glad to hear that you enjoyed touring Country Folk with me!! I just posted part 2 if you are interested...


  3. Love the door arrangement - it looks really good. Your front looks very summery and I do like the yellow a lot.
    Your little dogs are so cute and I know they are a lot of company for you.
    Take care of that shoulder.

  4. Karie,
    The door d├ęcor is so cute! I really love the aqua bench combined with the yellow, but sometimes you just are ready for a change. Teddy is too cute, even if he is a bit of a bother. lol! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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