Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Good To Be In The Garden

Finally the front door has a door hanging.
I am slow for the summer season. . 
I haven't had my door decorated for a month.
Yikes! What will the neighbors say?
I will be changing it in a week though.
Getting ready for the month of July
And the 4th of July.
Well, better late than never.
I do like the front door decorated though.
I had to re-plant the pots on the front porch.
My little pansy's died! (a tear)
I think it was partially my fault. . I think I over fertilized.
I have a tendency to do that.  I figure a little more will make the
Flowers grow even bigger sooner.
But I also they received too much sun. . my porch is a south one.
It gets sun all day, and it is concrete so it gets pretty hot.
Any way the little pansy, just couldn't take it all.
I am thinking of painting my table yellow.
For some reason this year I am into yellow for my outside.
The nice thing about paint. . .I can change it. . .often.
Notice the tall bottle, that was a DI find. I spray painted it yellow.
It seems so good to get out and putter in my yard and garden.
As you know I had shoulder surgery a few months ago
And I haven't been able to do much. . .So it was nice to
Just putter around in the yard.
This was my little helper. . if you can say that.  
He was more of a bother than help.
He likes to dig!
He is Teddy, his brother Cash wanted to stay inside
Where it was nice and cool. . . Teddy is the character!
Cash is more mild and he minds me. . .Teddy is another story.
But, I don't know what I would do without these two little fellers,
They are my constant companions.
Hopefully tomorrow I can get a little more yard work done.
The weeds are about to take over my little postage stamp size yard.
Hope you are enjoying your time in your garden and yard.