Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Sneek Peek of July

I really am working on things!
I may be slow, but I am getting some things done.
Here is a Sneek Peek at what I have been working on.
I would have it all done to show you, 
It is getting hot outside and I stopped working 
On it until evening, when it is cooler.
This silly banner took me forever. . .
But it shore does look cute.
Why I do all this fussing with holiday decorations,
I don't know.
Well, maybe I do know.  I like to to do it.
I always thought I did it for my children, and then my grands.
But, now I think I do it for my own pleasure.
It makes me HAPPY!
And it keeps me busy creating.
Well, I will be back with the rest of the story.
For now, I am enjoying what I have accomplished so far.
Be sure to come back.

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