Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Summer Morning

Well, Hello. . And a Hello to
Oh, don't you just love June?
I do. . .She is a beautiful month.
And I especially love her mornings.
The grass is so lush and the trees are so, so, well Green.
And just look at her sky.
Did I say I love June?
One of my favorite things to do in the mornings of June
Is to sit outside, and just look and listen. . 
I love the sounds of the morning in June.
It hasn't gotten too hot here in Utah. . .Yet!
And we are in a terrible drought, but oh, look at June
She is still so beautifully "Cool", and Blue and Green
I love the shadows the early summer morning sun casts
June. . .Thank you for being so beautiful and colorful 
Ah, I decided to have a little different color on the front porch this year.
Yellow, and Blue, seems to match the cute little Pansies.
A little different color scheme than I usually have.  
Notice the tall yellow bottle. . .it was a find from the 
Thrift Store, (DI). It was an amber color.
Amazing what a little spray paint can to.
And the little birds like their new colorful home also.
My front porch is complete with the beautiful pot of petunias my
Daughter and Son-in-law give me each year.
Mmmm. . .Love love the pretty colors.
Just finishes off the small little porch I have.
(Actually I think it is a "stoop")
Well, I look forward to several more 
Summer Mornings in June.
Now that I am retired I can
Linger Longer and enjoy some of the things
I always had to rush through when working full time.
My friend Mary at My Dogs My Garden and Mary
Told me that now I am retired, I can Linger Longer
And enjoy life. . 
I am finding that is so true.
So my new motto is Linger Longer
Especially Summer Mornings in June.
I will be joining these lovely blogs


  1. Hi Karie,
    I love June too! This June we are totally booked every weekend, with baby showers and birthdays and or course there is fathers day. Thank goodness I am retired so I can sleep in and take naps..LOL
    Your flowers and porch look wonderful and so peaceful.
    Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

  2. Very pretty. I love the blue and the yellow.

  3. Karie, I love your little porch - so pretty with your colors. I am so happy that you are taking your time to enjoy life, isn't it wonderful?
    Have a wonderful June and linger longer.

  4. I need to come sit on your lovely porch. June in my neck of the woods means gloom. I actually wore my Patagonia down jacket on our beach walk this morning. But, I love the ocean gray, blue, green, aqua . . . any color.

  5. Karie, I love June too. Especially because my sweet mother was born in June and named June. How could I not? The weather has been perfect. The June Relief Society night meeting was held in my backyard tonight and though it was a little cooler we had a wonderful time! Your porch screams welcome sunshine! Love it! Hope you are recovering well from your surgery. Yes, enjoy that retirement! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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