Friday, June 27, 2014

The Beauty of Storm Clouds- Summer Rain

We  had summer rain last night.
It was beautiful.  
We live in a desert, so every bit of rain
we celebrate.
Now this morning there are
Storm Clouds on The Horizon
It is a beautiful sight.
These are the Stansbury Mountains
Tooele County, Utah
I think it looks so ominous. . .It always
makes me feel so insignificant when I see the
grandeur of mountains and the fastness of the sky.
Ah, but I know I am not insignificant. .
I am known and loved by the Greatest Beings
Of The Universe. . .God, the Father and His
Son Jesus Christ.
It is certainly a beautiful world we live in.
Mountains, Valley's, Storm Clouds, and 
Summer Rain.
Even when there are storm clouds in our personal lives.
We are still blessed.  
He will get us through anything life gives us.  
Just as summer rain makes the desert green and colorful,
 Our lives are the same. 
Storm clouds equals summer rain
which just means we are full of life, and it brings color to our life.
I hope you are enjoying the beauties of nature where you are.
May there be nothing in your life to cause you harm.
Hugs to all.

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