Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Craft Room Revealed

Hello my Friends!
Sorry I haven't posted for a week. . 
I have been on a organizing mission.
Oh, gosh, have I ever been organizing and cleaning.
I am not even going to show you the before pictures.
You may not like me if you saw them. . 
My poor craft (or as my kids call it crap) room.
I have really neglected it . . .for a long time.
I have felt "ashamed" of how it looked.
So I put the "shoulder to the wheel", and I got things done.
Here are some pictures of my accomplished work.
Of course this is the main reason to get it organized.  
I needed a sewing area, so my sewing isn't on the kitchen table.
I intend to do more sewing now that I am retired and have more time.
I also like to scrapbook, so I can move the sewing machine and have a 
Area that I can scrapbook.
The room is right off my living/family room. . it is kind of hard
For people to not see it. 
And did I tell you. . .I do NOT like closed doors.
I have to have doors opened.  
(Just a little quirky thing about me)
I have two hutches in this small room.
This one holds some of my Milk Glass collection.
Oh, I have much more, in various rooms in my house.
Gosh, I have to be surrounded by my pretty things.
It can't just all be about sewing and crafts.
This is the other hutch.
It has some of my Precious Moments.
I also collect. . I know, I know I have lots of collections.
I found this hutch at the thrift store.  It looked really bad.
Of course a little paint and some chicken wire made a 
Pretty cute little hutch.  
I gave this little book case a fresh coat of paint.
And the shelf a new color. . Red.
I am liking the red and yellow colors together.
I have to be surrounded by my pretties.
Gosh, that is why I have them is to enjoy them.
Well, there you have it. A show and tell of my Craft Room.
I have more to show you, but the lighting isn't very good.
It is very cloudy and rainy today.  So my picture didn't turn out
The way I would like them too.
My computer desk is also in this room.  And I have done
Some organizing with it.
I am actually thinking about painting my desk.
So be sure to check back and see what I do with that.
Hope you are enjoying your summer.
Gosh, it will soon be August, and that means not much
Longer for summer.  The kids will soon be back to school.
Well, I think I will do a little more in this room.
Hugs to all of you.
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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Day Trip To My Home Town

Hello everyone. . 
What a beautiful day it is. .
Summer is a gorgeous time.
But then all the season are gorgeous
Recently, me and my best friend forever and ever
Made a little trip back to our hometown.
We have so much fun when we go back
To The Motherland. . 
I took my BFF back so we could go to a huge
Flea Market that is held there twice a year.
Flea-O-Logy is the name of it.
It is a fun place to find all kinds of 
Vintage Stuff.
BFF isn't a into Vintage Stuff, but  I drag her along anyway.
She is a good sport and I think she kind of likes it.
Hankies and vintage linens all in a row.
Is this not cute?
I wish I would have bought the pink water pitcher.
I picked it up and just about bought it and then put it down.
Dang! There is always something I wish I would have bought.
I will probably never see a pink water pitcher again. (Sad!)
I love old treadle sewing machines.
I have my Grandma Dot's old Singer Sewing Machine.
I must get it fixed up. . it is in my son's shed.
I bought a couple of things. . .(wish I had bought the water pitcher)
I bought a couple of necklaces and a duck decoy.
Why oh why did I buy the duck decoy?
I can't believe I bought it and didn't get the pink water pitcher.
Sometimes, I wonder about myself.
Well anyway while we were in the Motherland. .
We like to of course get lunch, and visit relatives.
And we like to ride around and reminisce about old times.
Our hometown has some beautiful old homes.
I will go back and take more pictures of his home.  
You need to see the inside.  Beautiful!
When I was a little girl I was friends with a girl that lived in this home.
It was beautiful back then, the inside of this one is gorgeous too.
This one really caught my eye.
I love the big front porch on it. . . the young couple that now owns it
Has done a beautiful job in restoring it and keeping it up.
This porch says, Stop! Sit a spell. . . . 
I love how young couples are fixing up these old homes.
Old homes have so much character. . I love them.
I took a snap of this so I could remember how I want my next
Summer door hanging to look like.
So cute.
Well, I will be going back soon, with my BFF
And I will be taking more snaps of the old homes in
My Home Town.


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Sweethearts of Yesterday

Me and My High School Girl Friends are unique
to say the least . . .we are Unique
Many of us have been friends since babyhood!
Ya, really. . and we still stay in touch.
It has been almost 50 years since we were in 
High School.  And we are still very bonded to one another.
Every once in awhile we get together for lunch
And catch up on our life happenings.
We did just that this week.
We met in Salt Lake City and had a wonderful
day of lunch and shopping and browsing at
If you have never been there you must go, and if you
Are ever in Salt Lake City, Utah be sure to go there.
It is a charming little village, 
 Lots of cute little shops . . very unique.
And beautiful gardens and pathways.
We had lunch at Archibald's.
And then we Lingered Longer, and Longer
Not everyone of the Friends could be with us that day.
But, we keep them in our hearts.
Patti, Jeannine, and Caren.
Wow! they are so pretty still.
JoAnn and Vickie
Janice and Molly
We tried to soak in every conversation going 
from one end of the table to the other.
July and Cristie
We strolled the paths and browsed the shops.
In spite of the heat that day. 102 degrees...
 We wanted to be together and just linger a little longer.
But alas, it was time for us to go to our homes.
One last picture with me in it.  
We are the Sweethearts of Yesterday. . 
Our hearts have been knit together
Years, of life's journey have cemented our bond.
To the Sweetheart Friends Yesterday
Our Destiny is Forever.


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Gallery Wall

I do believe I have completed a very important
project.  It has been on my mind for a long time.
The big wall in my living room. . .has needed attention
(normally my little Terrorists are camera shy. . not today)
This wall was something I had to think about. . 
I have collected a lot of frames. . .and I mean a lot.
I have looked at blogs, magazines trying to see what I wanted.
Well, this is what I came up with.
Oh, let me tell you I am frightful when I hang frames.
I don't measure. . I put the frame up there, and hopefully mark it right.
There is still some tweaking. . .I have pictures for the collage of frames 
That are on the low left side.  Put the others will be frames only.
I have left my red, white and blue jar on the coffee table.
I took the flags out and put faux flowers in them.
I just love the glossy jars. . .I will have to do different colors 
For late summer.
(now Teddy is in the picture)
It amazes me what decorated walls do for a room.
It makes the room seem so cozy and homey.
I probably over-do with things on my walls.
A bear wall drives me insane.  I say it is an open canvas
And it needs to be decorated.
I have been in some homes where the walls are void of anything.
Yikes, I couldn't stand it.  
Oh, how I love to decorate.  It isn't the greatest, but it is my home
And I like how I have the rooms decorated.
Well, I hope you are enjoying your projects and your home.
Please do come back. . I have somethings in the works.

I will be joining
Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Amazing Blogger-Tater Tots and Jello

I am giving another shout out for
Jen Hadfield, the mastermind behind the blog
Is one amazing gal.
She has created a blog that is so full of ideas
And now she has launched her own line of 
Craft Paper, and accessories.
I started following Jen a long time ago when I first started blogging.
A project of mine was even featured on Jen's blog.
Anyhoo, Tater Tots and Jello is givng away the full collection of
I hope you will go to her blog and enter to win .
But, I hope it is me that wins.
Just sayin

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Karie's Daley Life

On my other blog
I write about the things of my heart.
I hope you will visit  
Most of all I hope it will cheer you and help
You along the path of life.
 Karie's Daley Life

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Chic Creations For July

A Few Chic Creations for July 4th.
I haven't done as much as I usually do for this holiday.
But I have had fun with the vignettes and settings.
I wanted to show you a few of them.
These are mason jars. Of course spray painted Red, White and Blue. 
 I am sorry you can't see how cute they turned out.  
I put some patriotic fabric around them, and then tied some ribbon.  Flags are added.
My little Betsy sits and watches over everything.
I found her at the thrift store, DI.
I fell in love with her. . .She is so adorable and full of personality.
One of my favorite places to decorate is the top of the cabinet that holds my t.v
I love the simplicity of this vignette.  My little USA characters are part of my 
Holiday Character Collection.  I love Characters, I am surrounded with "real" ones!
This little table is the first thing you see when you come in the front door.
So I like to keep it in style with the rest of the decor.
I found the little patriotic boots at the thrift store, DI.
Quite awhile ago. . .They keep the flowers and flags front and center.
Well, I am done for now. 
 I will leave my patriotic decorations up for the month of July.
I love the colors Red, White, and Blue.  
So things won't change much between now and August.
I have another project in the works right now. 
 I have a wall that needs to be re-grouped.
So I am painting frames and gathering things for the change in the wall.
Can't wait to show you. . .in my mind I have and idea.  
I just hope it turns out
the way I hope it will. . .Sometimes my ideas don't cooperate with me. . 
and I have to start coming up with a plan B.  
Let's hope I have hit it right the first time.
Well, I hope everyone is enjoying this week, 
and will have a wonderful July 4th Celebrations.  
Isn't it wonderful that we take the time to celebrate this
Great Country we live in.  No where else I would want to be.
God Bless American.
Hugs to all,

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Everyone Celebrating July 4th

My goodness it seems like so many more
people are decorating for the big
Independence Day Celebration
July 4th.
This cute old house doesn't seem to have any occupants,
But by golly the front porch is all decorated for the holiday.
I think that is so cute.
Oh how I would love to have a chest on my porch.
But, I just have a tiny stoop.
This chair is adorable all decked out in 
Red, White and Blue.
I have the same chair. . but I will never paint mine.
(there are just somethings you leave natural)
But, I love this one all painted up.
This cute old house with the darling decorated porch that no one lives in.
Really caught mine and my daughter-in-laws eye.
The house sits right in the center of our old downtown.
What a beautiful sight. . 
I love seeing people do things to improve their community.
And I love seeing others who have the decorating touch
Share their talents for the rest of us to enjoy.