Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Chic Creations For July

A Few Chic Creations for July 4th.
I haven't done as much as I usually do for this holiday.
But I have had fun with the vignettes and settings.
I wanted to show you a few of them.
These are mason jars. Of course spray painted Red, White and Blue. 
 I am sorry you can't see how cute they turned out.  
I put some patriotic fabric around them, and then tied some ribbon.  Flags are added.
My little Betsy sits and watches over everything.
I found her at the thrift store, DI.
I fell in love with her. . .She is so adorable and full of personality.
One of my favorite places to decorate is the top of the cabinet that holds my t.v
I love the simplicity of this vignette.  My little USA characters are part of my 
Holiday Character Collection.  I love Characters, I am surrounded with "real" ones!
This little table is the first thing you see when you come in the front door.
So I like to keep it in style with the rest of the decor.
I found the little patriotic boots at the thrift store, DI.
Quite awhile ago. . .They keep the flowers and flags front and center.
Well, I am done for now. 
 I will leave my patriotic decorations up for the month of July.
I love the colors Red, White, and Blue.  
So things won't change much between now and August.
I have another project in the works right now. 
 I have a wall that needs to be re-grouped.
So I am painting frames and gathering things for the change in the wall.
Can't wait to show you. . .in my mind I have and idea.  
I just hope it turns out
the way I hope it will. . .Sometimes my ideas don't cooperate with me. . 
and I have to start coming up with a plan B.  
Let's hope I have hit it right the first time.
Well, I hope everyone is enjoying this week, 
and will have a wonderful July 4th Celebrations.  
Isn't it wonderful that we take the time to celebrate this
Great Country we live in.  No where else I would want to be.
God Bless American.
Hugs to all,

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  1. The jars are adorable. They came out so cute in that glossy paint! Your doll is cute too! SO festive! Happy 4th of July! xoxo

  2. Everything looks so pretty all decorated in your red, white and blue. You have been a busy bee. Have a wonderful 4th of July.

  3. Love your July 4th decor!! Charming!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!!



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