Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Chic Creations For July

A Few Chic Creations for July 4th.
I haven't done as much as I usually do for this holiday.
But I have had fun with the vignettes and settings.
I wanted to show you a few of them.
These are mason jars. Of course spray painted Red, White and Blue. 
 I am sorry you can't see how cute they turned out.  
I put some patriotic fabric around them, and then tied some ribbon.  Flags are added.
My little Betsy sits and watches over everything.
I found her at the thrift store, DI.
I fell in love with her. . .She is so adorable and full of personality.
One of my favorite places to decorate is the top of the cabinet that holds my t.v
I love the simplicity of this vignette.  My little USA characters are part of my 
Holiday Character Collection.  I love Characters, I am surrounded with "real" ones!
This little table is the first thing you see when you come in the front door.
So I like to keep it in style with the rest of the decor.
I found the little patriotic boots at the thrift store, DI.
Quite awhile ago. . .They keep the flowers and flags front and center.
Well, I am done for now. 
 I will leave my patriotic decorations up for the month of July.
I love the colors Red, White, and Blue.  
So things won't change much between now and August.
I have another project in the works right now. 
 I have a wall that needs to be re-grouped.
So I am painting frames and gathering things for the change in the wall.
Can't wait to show you. . .in my mind I have and idea.  
I just hope it turns out
the way I hope it will. . .Sometimes my ideas don't cooperate with me. . 
and I have to start coming up with a plan B.  
Let's hope I have hit it right the first time.
Well, I hope everyone is enjoying this week, 
and will have a wonderful July 4th Celebrations.  
Isn't it wonderful that we take the time to celebrate this
Great Country we live in.  No where else I would want to be.
God Bless American.
Hugs to all,

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