Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Craft Room Revealed

Hello my Friends!
Sorry I haven't posted for a week. . 
I have been on a organizing mission.
Oh, gosh, have I ever been organizing and cleaning.
I am not even going to show you the before pictures.
You may not like me if you saw them. . 
My poor craft (or as my kids call it crap) room.
I have really neglected it . . .for a long time.
I have felt "ashamed" of how it looked.
So I put the "shoulder to the wheel", and I got things done.
Here are some pictures of my accomplished work.
Of course this is the main reason to get it organized.  
I needed a sewing area, so my sewing isn't on the kitchen table.
I intend to do more sewing now that I am retired and have more time.
I also like to scrapbook, so I can move the sewing machine and have a 
Area that I can scrapbook.
The room is right off my living/family room. . it is kind of hard
For people to not see it. 
And did I tell you. . .I do NOT like closed doors.
I have to have doors opened.  
(Just a little quirky thing about me)
I have two hutches in this small room.
This one holds some of my Milk Glass collection.
Oh, I have much more, in various rooms in my house.
Gosh, I have to be surrounded by my pretty things.
It can't just all be about sewing and crafts.
This is the other hutch.
It has some of my Precious Moments.
I also collect. . I know, I know I have lots of collections.
I found this hutch at the thrift store.  It looked really bad.
Of course a little paint and some chicken wire made a 
Pretty cute little hutch.  
I gave this little book case a fresh coat of paint.
And the shelf a new color. . Red.
I am liking the red and yellow colors together.
I have to be surrounded by my pretties.
Gosh, that is why I have them is to enjoy them.
Well, there you have it. A show and tell of my Craft Room.
I have more to show you, but the lighting isn't very good.
It is very cloudy and rainy today.  So my picture didn't turn out
The way I would like them too.
My computer desk is also in this room.  And I have done
Some organizing with it.
I am actually thinking about painting my desk.
So be sure to check back and see what I do with that.
Hope you are enjoying your summer.
Gosh, it will soon be August, and that means not much
Longer for summer.  The kids will soon be back to school.
Well, I think I will do a little more in this room.
Hugs to all of you.
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  1. Gorgeous! It looks so fabulous and inviting and creative-juice provoking! Love the yellow and soft blue with a pop of red!

  2. Your craft room is adorable and deserved to be featured, Brenda know what's good!!! My craft room is a mess so I need to pull mine together like you did! I love the yellow color of the bookcase, but then I love any yellow! I like you go from one craft to another, sometimes I forget what craft I'm on! Have a great day!


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