Sunday, July 20, 2014

Day Trip To My Home Town

Hello everyone. . 
What a beautiful day it is. .
Summer is a gorgeous time.
But then all the season are gorgeous
Recently, me and my best friend forever and ever
Made a little trip back to our hometown.
We have so much fun when we go back
To The Motherland. . 
I took my BFF back so we could go to a huge
Flea Market that is held there twice a year.
Flea-O-Logy is the name of it.
It is a fun place to find all kinds of 
Vintage Stuff.
BFF isn't a into Vintage Stuff, but  I drag her along anyway.
She is a good sport and I think she kind of likes it.
Hankies and vintage linens all in a row.
Is this not cute?
I wish I would have bought the pink water pitcher.
I picked it up and just about bought it and then put it down.
Dang! There is always something I wish I would have bought.
I will probably never see a pink water pitcher again. (Sad!)
I love old treadle sewing machines.
I have my Grandma Dot's old Singer Sewing Machine.
I must get it fixed up. . it is in my son's shed.
I bought a couple of things. . .(wish I had bought the water pitcher)
I bought a couple of necklaces and a duck decoy.
Why oh why did I buy the duck decoy?
I can't believe I bought it and didn't get the pink water pitcher.
Sometimes, I wonder about myself.
Well anyway while we were in the Motherland. .
We like to of course get lunch, and visit relatives.
And we like to ride around and reminisce about old times.
Our hometown has some beautiful old homes.
I will go back and take more pictures of his home.  
You need to see the inside.  Beautiful!
When I was a little girl I was friends with a girl that lived in this home.
It was beautiful back then, the inside of this one is gorgeous too.
This one really caught my eye.
I love the big front porch on it. . . the young couple that now owns it
Has done a beautiful job in restoring it and keeping it up.
This porch says, Stop! Sit a spell. . . . 
I love how young couples are fixing up these old homes.
Old homes have so much character. . I love them.
I took a snap of this so I could remember how I want my next
Summer door hanging to look like.
So cute.
Well, I will be going back soon, with my BFF
And I will be taking more snaps of the old homes in
My Home Town.