Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Everyone Celebrating July 4th

My goodness it seems like so many more
people are decorating for the big
Independence Day Celebration
July 4th.
This cute old house doesn't seem to have any occupants,
But by golly the front porch is all decorated for the holiday.
I think that is so cute.
Oh how I would love to have a chest on my porch.
But, I just have a tiny stoop.
This chair is adorable all decked out in 
Red, White and Blue.
I have the same chair. . but I will never paint mine.
(there are just somethings you leave natural)
But, I love this one all painted up.
This cute old house with the darling decorated porch that no one lives in.
Really caught mine and my daughter-in-laws eye.
The house sits right in the center of our old downtown.
What a beautiful sight. . 
I love seeing people do things to improve their community.
And I love seeing others who have the decorating touch
Share their talents for the rest of us to enjoy.

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