Saturday, August 23, 2014

AUTUMN---Knocking On The Door

There is a feeling in the air. . and it is crisp and cool.
To me it feels like 
I am just afraid summer is going out the back door. . 
She may have already gone.
After several rain storms,
The weather here is much cooler than normal.
And I feel it. . . .!
It always amazes me how we "feel" the season. .
Before it even shows definite signs, we feel it in the air.
Of course a sure sign is Sunflowers.
And they are popping up all over.
I have told myself "no, no not yet!"
But no matter how much I say it. . 
Fall or Autumn is in the air.
I really haven't decorated for Fall/Autumn
But, I bet this next week, I will start adding a few fall-ish things.
I love to decorate for Fall/Autumn.
I love the warm colors of the season.
So. . .I had better get my projects finished before I am
Onto another season, and new projects.
I have a few ideas swirling in my head.
I had better get going on some of the ideas or 
You will be seeing them next year.
It seems I am always a season late. . .
I just don't understand.
I did get a sewing project finished, and I am excited to show you.
I haven't taken any pictures yet. . so you will have to come back
To check it out.  Nothing fancy. . 
I am on a sewing kick right now. . .I even bought some
Christmas fabric yesterday. . 
Oh, good grief! 
More projects swirling in my head.
I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.
And be sure to stop by soon.
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