Thursday, August 21, 2014


Can I just say I admire those
Who take on the challenge of living in an old home.
I have showed you the Taylor Home a few days ago,
And now I want to introduce you to another old home.
Cristie's Home
My dear friend Cristie took this old home and turned it into
One of the cutest beauties in my hometown.
She has done most of the work herself.
Like so many of us she is a single woman, doing her best
Trying to make her home and her surroundings more beautiful.
Cristie has beautiful flourishing flower beds and pathways of plants.
She is handy at building things.
(Something I am not good at)
I love this. . . So charming!
And yes, her pathways are surrounded with beautiful plants.
I love all the cute garden decor she has.
Very rustic and olden. . pretty.
Is this not the cutest? How the ivy has grown up the wall.
The birdhouses are nestled in with the ivy.
Nature has it own style doesn't it?
I love her little garden shed.
Hummm...maybe I will paint stripes on mine.
It was so fun taking pictures of her yard.
So much to see.
I am amazed at all that she does and can accomplish.
When I was taking the pictures Cristie was not at home.
So I didn't get any pictures of the inside.
That will be for another day.
The inside is just as charming and unique as the outside.
There are so many homes, that I want to show you.
I love to see people take such good care of their surroundings.
There is something about the character of a person who
Takes pride in having a well maintained yard and home.
I know for myself, there is a sense of peace and accomplishment.
As I tend to my natural surroundings I feel my life is in order.
Thank you for stopping by.
Please come back again.
Today I am sewing. . . let's see if I have it ready to show you.


  1. Her garden is amazing, and I love that striped shed.

  2. Beautiful garden - she really has done a lot of work on her home and garden. Love her garden shed.

  3. Oh, I love her home and garden! Very sweet!


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