Monday, August 18, 2014

The Taylor Home

As many of you know I love to return to my
Motherland. . . .
Well, that is what I call my hometown of 
Payson. . .
I have lived away from there for man, many years.
My heart will always be there.
I think it is just a cute hometown.
Problem is. . .it has changed just like me.
I have wonderful memories of my childhood
Growing up there was wonderful.
My ancestors first settled the town. . way back in the
Is my Motherland. . it always will be.
One of the things I love so much about my
Is the cute well taken care of, "old homes".
Many of the old Pioneer homes have been preserved so well.
So. . . . . .I visited a home that I am very fond of.
 I have childhood memories of this home,
And the people that lived there.
The Taylor Home.
And it is still occupied by a Taylor
Carol and Glen own this beautiful home.
Carol's grandfather built the home more than 100 years ago.
Carol's mother and father lived in the home also
And this is where Carol was raised.
The Taylor's are very connected to me and my family
Carol's Grandma Taylor was my Great-Grandpa's sister.
Carol's father was my grandmother's first cousin.
And Carol's brother and my Dad were best friends,
And Carol's niece is my best friend.
Whew. . .did ya catch all that?
I love when families cherish their heritage. . .and take pride in their homes.
An older home is a lot harder to maintain.
These old homes were not built for our modern times.
But, many people take on the task of preserving the history
And beauty of a home that has been the sanctuary for families.
If only the walls could talk.

Of course the Taylor home has had many changes 
In the past 100 years.
All these changes have added to the history of the home.
Later on I will show you the inside of the home.
Carol has decorated it with charm and warmth.
So be sure to come back.
I have another home I am going to show you.
Hugs to all.
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