Thursday, September 4, 2014

Autumn Wreath

Hello, Hello my friends,
I hope where you live the weather is beautiful.
As I have said, I love September.  
We are having delightful weather, not too hot
Not too cold. . .just right.
The sun is shinning and the sky is so blue.
From where I sit at my computer, I can see the gorgeous mountains.
In the high elevations the leaves are starting to turn. . .
I will be traveling up the canyons soon just to see the
Beautiful show of color and enjoy the crisp air of the mountains.
In the mean time. . .I have been doing a few things
I wanted something a little different for my
Autumn Wreath.
A little yarn and felt, buttons and ribbon.
I crocheted a long, long single crochet with two strands,
Then wrapped it around the wreath form,
I used felt for the flowers, and buttons for the centers.
Then of course lots of Fall colored ribbon.
I rather like what I created.
I wanted something I could leave up for a couple of months.
Then I made this color combination.
I like it too. . .if someone doesn't want it, I will use it in my house.
I like wreaths, they can fill in anywhere, they are not just for doors.
So now I am off to other projects.
I have so many ideas going on in my mind.
I have just got to stick with it and get them done.
I have a stack of fabric, I want to start working on.
Oh, not to mention the bins of yarn. . 
Plenty to do for sure.
How about you. . are you creating. . .?
I hope you will come back again.


  1. Your wreaths are very pretty and you can leave up the fall one until after Thanksgiving or when you start decorating for Christmas.
    Do I have projects - yes I do, but I have felt so lousy all summer that I really haven't accomplished to much other than my daily chores.
    The Dr found out that I have a heart problem and my thyroid was extremely low - therefor no energy. So hopefully everything will work out.
    ]Have a wonderful fall weekend, Karie.

    1. Mary, I am so sorry to hear you have not been feeling well. I hope the Dr. is now on top of things and you will start to feel better. I wish I lived near by so I could help you. Do take care of yourself. And thank you for always stopping by and leaving your sweet comment. Hugs to you, Karie

  2. You wreaths are so pretty and I love the colors and flowers! I just finished a wreath today and working on another small project. I don't like rushing the seasons but I am getting my projects going! Have a great weekend!


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