Friday, September 26, 2014

Candy Corn Wash Cloth

Well, hello dear friends.
It is the last weekend in September
And I feel a little sad.
You know how I love this month.
Just like I love most of the months.
But, I do have my favorites.
It is windy and clouds are rolling in.
We are expecting a storm tomorrow.
I have been outside trying to get things in order.
It seems once we have a storm at the end of 
September, the temperature drops and we begin the
Decline to winter storms.  Oh, we will still have nice days.
But nothing like September has given us.
I have been busy crocheting a few of these cute
Little Wash Cloths or Dish Cloths if you prefer to call them.
I am calling them
Candy Corn
I just love the colors, and they do look like Candy Corn.
I have a few birthdays coming up in the next few weeks,
And I thought these cute little Wash Cloths would make a
Nice gift along with some good smelling soap.
Once you have used these cloths you will never want to use
A store bought wash/dish cloth again.
I make them larger. . .I don't like a wimpy cloth!
It is a real simple crochet pattern. . 
Now I want to remind you I have never written a pattern.
So if there are mistakes, please forgive me.
I leave the designing and writing of patterns to my friend
If you are a crocheter go ahead and try this pattern.
It is easy peasy. . and I think they really do make up lovely and easy.
Well, I am off to do more crocheting.
I have a few ideas rumbling in my head.
It is time to really get serious about gifts for Christmas.
And right now I am on a tight budget.
So, I have to come up with some cute "Homemade" gifts.
I do believe Homemade is the best.
Have a wonderful week-end.
Check back soon.


  1. Love your Candy Corn wash/dish cloths! They are addicting aren't they?! Thanks for the pattern Karie! Normally I love September but it has been in the 90's to 100+ all month here in Southern California! I welcome October. xox

  2. Fabulous pattern, Karie! Well done! I love the candy corn fall-ish colors, too. They are so happy, and of course, useful!

  3. Such cute candy corn wash cloths. I do crochet a bit so I will give it a try. Thanks so much for the pattern. I'm hoping October will be as beautiful as September.


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