Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Pass The Salt and Pepper Please

Just how does a collection begin?
For me there is usually a sentimental  connection to my collection.
I am drawn to something because of something from my childhood.
Or maybe it is because one thing was given to me,
And soon I begin collecting items that are similar.
I have shown you some of my collections.
My Milk Glass Collection
It began because it evoked memories of my childhood.
And my young adulthood. 
My Tea Cup Collection began because of one single tea cup set.
To a extensive Tea Cup Collection.
It just seems one thing leads to another.
(Another day I will post about my Tea Cups.)
Well, today I say
Pass The Salt and Pepper!
I also collect Salt and Pepper Shakers.
It all began with a set of Salt and Pepper Shakers 
That belonged to my Great-Great Aunt By (Tabitha)
She had a rather large collection of Salt and Pepper Shakers,
After her death, her daughter would give some of us "special"
Nieces a set of Salt and Pepper Shakers.
This is the one I received. And yes, it is One!
Many years ago I broke the pepper shakers, so I just have one.
It came from China Town in the early 1900's
I have another set from Aunt By
This is the set that she gave my Aunt Carol.
And I inherited it from Aunt Carol
I am guessing that they too came from China Town.
Are they not the cutest little things. . I just love them.
And they are all the more loved because they belonged to
My Great-Great Aunt By and My Aunt Carol.
It seems once people hear you are collection they love
To give you gifts of those items.
I have received many gifts of Salt and Pepper Shakers
And I love everyone of them.
My cute friend Sue gave me these little beauties.
I love them. . .she has also given me others.
These are a gift from my cousin Claudia.
She knows how much I love milk glass, 
Along with Salt and Pepper shakers. . .I have these on display a lot.
Little animals are one of my favorites.
Along with Roosters.
Recently I was at Fleaology and I came across these 
Little Darlings. . . and they are Fritz and Floyd.
How lucky could I be.
Are they not the cutest little things. . .I immediately fell in love with them.
Well, have I overloaded you with Salt and Pepper Shakers yet?
I thought I was done with this post when my daughter-in-law
Shelly and my Granddaughters, Sara, Zada and Maya came to visit.
Low and behold guess what they had for me. . .?
They happened to be in a shop. . .when they saw this set of
Salt and Pepper Shakers. . .and of course they thought of
Grandma. . .so home the cute little hen and basket of eggs came with them.
They came right over to give to me. . .the little girls were delighted to add to
Grandma's collection.
I have only shown you a tiny, tiny portion of my collection.
I have holiday salt and pepper shakers. . .I have very old salt and pepper shakers.
I have Coca Cola salt and pepper shakers. . 
I absolutely love them all.
Now you ask. . do they have salt and pepper in them.
Ah. . .NO! Well, some of them do.
The Grand kids get a kick out of the fact Grandma has all these
Shakers and there is not any salt or pepper in them.
Well, what can I say. . .?
How about you . . .I know there are lots of collectors out in Blogland.
What are your collections?
Be sure to come back for more.

I am joining


  1. I started collecting frog when my boyfriend gave my one. I still have my Howard Toad.
    I collect Barbie Dolls because I got one in 1961. I have good memories of sitting in the tree above the chicken coop making Barbie cloths with my little sister, Squeaky.
    The dragons and fairies just because.
    I love them all.
    Thanks for sharing your collections with us.

  2. Love them all! And I love your pictures! I collect buttons, yarn and glass--all colorful, of course!

  3. Kari!!!! OMG!! I am totally in LOVE with all of your collections...every single piece!! Beautiful! Boy, do I wish you lived closer... We would have such fun together!



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