Saturday, September 6, 2014


Please indulge me while I tell you about my
Little Terrorists. . . 
Teddy Roosevelt and Johnny Cash.
Or commonly known as
Teddy and Cash
They are my little fur babies.
They are Characters and they are Terrorists!
Most of the time they are terrorizing ME.
Spoiled as could be
Loved abundantly.
Teddy is the real character and terrorists.
Cash just goes along with Teddy.
Teddy is a funny little feller.
He makes me laugh at his shenanigans.
Cash is shy and more mild.
He is happy to just be on my lap.
Most of the time they are patrolling the neighborhood.
Nothing gets past them. . and I mean nothing.
They will let me know if there is a tumbleweed or a
Plastic sack flying through the air.
Oh, and the kids,  they watch for them. . 
And beg to go out and play with them.
They honestly think they own the neighborhood.
They love each other. . .they are half brothers.
They have different mothers.  
I didn't want a dog. . I didn't want to turn into one of 
"Those People" who fuss and dote over their dogs.
Well I am now one of "those people" and proud of it.
They are my buddies, my partners, my babies.
They keep me company and they give me comfort.
They even sleep with me!
Yip, right in the covers. . .I have to remind them every now 
and then that it is MY bed!
I truly believe All Dogs Go To Heaven.
And I understand now that they really are mans best friend.
They are loyal, loving, always forgiving.
I believe God placed them on this earth to give us happiness.
And my little Teddy Roosevelt and Johnny Cash
Have given me happiness and beyond. . 
They are part of my family.
I thank God for sending them to me.
I have a few things in store for you. . 
Please do come back and stay awhile.
I don't dare say terrorists too much I am afraid the CIA or FBI will come knocking on my door
Know what I mean.


  1. Karie,
    How sweet they are!!

    We love dogs but having to put our precious fur babies to sleep twice in 20 years and we were present both times was just too much for me, personally, to handle. I do not think I could go through it a 3rd time even though I am such a dog person.
    We have made a deal with our oldest son who would love a dog but is not home from 7am - 5pm. When Joe retires, he will get a dog and we will take care of the dog during the day so the dog is not left alone in an apartment and then when he comes home from work, the dog will go back to him.

    Thanks so much for taking the time to visit and for leaving such a nice comment. My second post on the Curios is now up if you are interested......

    Hope you are having a great weekend with those adorable fur babies!!


  2. Love Teddy and Cash they are so darn cute. I have two big dogs and they are rotten. Follow me everywhere - you can always tell where I am at because you will see the dogs. Mine also sleep on the end of the bed and protect me - I am not afraid at all. Your dogs are darling.
    They really are a lot of company.


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