Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Witches Hat~

Well hello my dear blogging friends.
It is another beautiful September day here in 
my beautiful spot on earth.
I love, love this time of year.
I just want to be home.  Doing what I love to do.
Making my home and my little spot a little prettier and a little kinder.
How about you?  Are you creating and making the world a little
Prettier and much more kinder. . .? Just wondering.
Well I finally finished my little 
Witches Hat.
You know in my world Witches are cute and they are nice and sweet.
So she had to have a pretty little witches bonnet.
This witches hat is crocheted. . .with a lot of embellishments.
Felted flowers are the jewels on this crown. . .
For witches need flowers and such.  
Ribbons and bows flowing down the back of the hat.
A witches spells are much more kind and sweet when she
is adorned with a lot of colorful bows and flowers.
Oh, I am not a Halloween person.  I like a few decorations (still)
But I never dress up in costumes. . .no, no not me, I am not a
Dresser-uppper (may not be a word)
I have someone in mind for this cute little Witches Hat
I have a friend who goes to the Witches Night Out every year.
I do believe I will see if she would like to have this hat.
And no I am not decorating for Halloween. . .yet.
I am still enjoying the few Fall things I have sitting out.

I have totes of Halloween decorations.
When my children were young, I decorated.
After they grew up. . .Mom was still decorating for holidays.
Such as Halloween.
I don't know what it is with me. . .I think I have to decorate, and decorate.
I think the ole' gal needs to minimize the holiday decorating.
Except of course Christmas. . . so remind me when I get carried away with
 Halloween, Thanksgiving, Valentine's, St. Patrick's Day, Easter and 4th of July
And whatever else comes along. . stop Karie. . .minimize the decorating.
(It will never happen!)
Have a wonderful Day, and see you next time. . 


  1. Very cute Kari...love the witch shoes salt and pepper shaker. I think I have the same ones.

  2. Karie, the hat is absolutely darling! Love the wonderful flowers and flowing ribbons. Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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