Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A Vintage Singer Sewing Machine With a Story

Hello, dear friends!
Beautiful October blessings to you.
It has been gorgeous where I live.. . . But
As with everything, there is a change in the forecast.
That is ok. . .that is why I love living here. . 
The weather is always changing.  
Ya, gotta love it!
I have a sweet little story to tell.
I have had this old treadle Singer Sewing machine for 
50 years.  
It belonged to my Grandma Dot.
If you follow my blog you know that my Grandma Dot
is very special to me. . .she raised me.
She is my Mom's Mom!
Anything that belonged to Grandma Dot I cherish and hold
dear to my heart.
As you can see this Singer Sewing Machine is not in very good condition.
I do have the oak cabinet it goes in.  I want to get it all cleaned up and 
looking nice and refinish the cabinet.
I was interested in knowing a little about the machine so I looked
on a data base that the Singer Sewing Machine Co. has
I found the serial number on the machine and looked it up.
This particular machine was made in 1869-1874.
Well, that was long before my Grandma Dot was born.
So, I did a little research.
I believe this machine belonged to my Great-Great Grandma Taylor.
I won't go into the details of why I believe this, but needless to say
it is a very old machine and I treasure it for the simple fact
I have it and it belonged to my Grandma
And it has a story.
That is why I love old things, they have a story.
My Dad told me this story many years ago about this machine.
Besides being in poor condition from neglect. The sewing machine
has a SCAR. Can you see it.  On the base under the arm.
One day after a very trying day with three young sons that had
done something "stupid", I ask my Dad. . 
"Dad did you ever do anything stupid like ruin a good piece 
of equipment because you just wasn't paying attention?"
Oh, did my Dad laugh!
"Yes, I did". I did plenty of stupid things when I was young.
And I still do stupid things even now."
Then he told me the story of the
Singer Sewing Machine 
It was 1947 my mother was expecting me.  She was making baby clothes and
blankets for me.  She had borrowed my Grandma's Singer Sewing Machine.
After many weeks of sewing, she had my Dad return it to Grandma.
So. . .Dad loaded the Singer in the trunk of his old 1944 Ford and
started down the road to Grandma's house.  Along the way he saw a friend.
So he stopped to chat with the friend.  He got out of the car with the car engine still
running and the gear in neutral. . . He and the friend were chatting and 
suddenly my Dad saw the car rolling down the road.  He ran after it. . 
He reached the Ford just as it hit an irrigation ditch and knocked the 
Singer Sewing Machine flying out of the trunk.
Landing in the road!
Broken in half!
Oh, dear! How was he going to tell Grandma, that he had done such
a stupid thing? My Grandma depended on the sewing machine to 
make all the clothing for the family.  My Mom depended on it too.
Times were hard. . money was scarce and sewing machines cost
more money than my Dad could afford.
Well, he sadly took the sewing machine to Grandma.
He told her
he had a friend who could weld the machine back together.
 The welding job wasn't that good.  It is rough and unsightly.
The Singer Sewing Machine never worked the same.
My Dad did the best he could to fix his "stupid" foolish  mistake.
My Grandma was one of the sweetest, kindest, forgiving person 
 Grandma Dot accepted my Dad's effort to mend his foolishness.
That happened 67 years ago, I have the machine in my possession.
More than having this beautiful Vintage Singer Sewing Machine
I hold dear the story that goes with it.  It has a lot of symbolism.
Even with the scar, this machine is beautiful.
It has a history. . .
We all make mistakes. . and sometimes our attempt to fix the mistake
Is rough and unsightly.  But to Jesus Christ who makes everything
New again, He takes care of the rough edges and unsightly look.
He sees beyond the Scar, He can see the beauty in the detail.
He sees with an Infinite Eternal Eye.  
I have the old Singer Sewing Machine, I will take good care of it.
It will be all shined up and in a refinished cabinet.
Oh, by the way. . my sons made it through that foolish, stupid escapade
Only to go on to other foolishness.  But isn't that what life is about.
We learn from our mistakes, and for some reason, we still 
make stupid foolish mistakes again.
I have done my fair share.
Hugs, to all

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  1. What a wonderful story about your grandmother Dot's machine. Yes, they sure used their sewing machine a lot then. Almost all of our clothes were home made and they did last. I can remember my Aunt Nell made me two pinafore's one in white cotton for everyday and one in organza for Church and Sunday school. We even had home Economics in school and sewing was a must. Now they are lucky if they get just the major subjects. What a shame.
    Thanks so much for that sweet story.
    Have a wonderful weekend Karie.


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