Tuesday, October 21, 2014

October Is?

Just what does this month mean to you?
There is so much. . .
I have three very special birthdays this month.
My youngest child, my son Mark.
His wife, Shelly, also has a birthday.
And my charming granddaughter, Brissa claims this month.
 Of course October is 
Pumpkins galore. . soon to be 
Memories of wagon rides on hay. . are some thing I think of               
 Sunflowers in gardens.
And no one thinks of them as weeds. . 
October is a rusty old truck. . that somehow is beautiful.
Everyone is WELCOME to gather in the home.
Sitting down to a warm bowl of soup.
Or watching a football game.
Simple pleasures become so much more precious.
October is. . .
Lest I forget a fun time for all.
The time of imagination. . .What will you be.?
Or who will you be?
I may not like scary. . .but there is something about
Children dressing in costumes that brings a smile to my face.
October is. . . . .
Come back and we will take a look at more of


  1. Karie, what a great post. Happy Birthday to all your October Birthday's.
    My granddaughter, Kelly's birthday is October 2nd and she turned 12. Quite the young lady.
    Happy October to you dear friend.

  2. Enjoyed your post. October was my granddaughter's birthday that we just celebrated. October is a beautiful month and I don't think of Halloween when it enters...but enjoy the kids coming and looking so cute. Wishing you October happiness.

  3. Hi Karie! What a sweet post. Yes, October is a wonderful month. I love everything fall, the decorating, the cooler weather and I'm like you - I don't like the spooky but so enjoy seeing the children come by trick or treating in their costumes. This year we'll get to be with our little ones! Blessings to you friend,
    Shelia ;)


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