Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The October Transformation

Hello, And how are you today?
Just seems that old calendar keeps flipping away 
the days and weeks,
And I am just not ready for changes.
Weather wise or Life wise.
But time marches on and waits for no one.
As the days are getting shorter and cooler. . 
I have finished up my 
October Transformation of my Home.
(nothing like the decorating I once did)
A little change in the home never hurt anyone.
As always you are welcome to my home.
The first thing you see when you come into my home is
The picture of  The Salt Lake Temple. . .
I love this picture.  It is a constant reminder to me of the things
That are most important to me.
The table is filled with vignettes for the season
A little October with a touch of Halloween.
I love decorating the top of my television armour.  
It is a cheerful addition to an otherwise blah television screen.
Little Precious October sits front and center.
I have quite the collection of Precious Moments.
And I have each month that I have a child with a birthday.
October is the month for my son, Mark, his wife Shelly and for
My granddaughter Brissa.
Always a pumpkin or two much be on display this month and
actually for next month too.  I just love little pumpkins.
Another group of pumpkins on the Beautiful Blue Buffet.
Notice also the table runner.  I made mine a little different from
my Darling Daughter's.  
This candelabra sits front and center 
for Halloween.
I made this many years ago. . of course with the help of my
Son-in-law. . .I found the junk at DI and he helped me
create this cute candelabra.  I just love it.
It was literally created from pieces of junk.
And of course the shelf, pretend mantle, is decorated.
I have said it many times before. . .
There Is No Place Like Home!
No matter where I roam, I like to come home.
I am just an old homebody.  I always have been.
Even as a child and a young girl and young mommy.
I wanted to be home.
I like stability. . .I don't like moving here and there. . 
I believe we must provide a stable home base for ourselves
And for our family.
And if at all possible I believe we should live close to family.
I know how it feels to not "feel at home".
I have wandered too and fro trying to find my home.
I hope those days are over for me.
Hope you are having a wonderful week.
Be sure to come back again, and see what I am up to next.
I have a big project waiting for me. . .I hope I have the energy to
Get it done.  
Hugs to you,


  1. Everything looks great! Love October's d├ęcor!!

  2. Karie, your home is so festive. Everything looks so good. Don't feel bad I do not decorate like I used to. IT's the thought of dragging it out of the garage (it's in plastic tubs and marked) setting it up., Taking down stuff so that you will have room for the decorations. Dragging the tubs back out to the garage and repeating the whole process again. I am tired just thinking about it. I love the decorating part, not packing and unpacking. I gave away a lot of stuff so I would not be temped to do more.
    I love my home also and I find as I am getting olden, I don' t want to go to far. I travel so much the last 25 years and could not enjoy my home that I am going to now. Some days my car never leaves the driveway.
    Have a wonderful weekend dear friend.

  3. You are right, there is no place like home! You home looks so pretty and festive. I don't think I'll be doing any halloween decorating because I'm having a hard time getting my fall done! There's so many pleasurable things to do at home. So why leave!

  4. Hi Karie and I have to agree with you - there is no place like home! Yours looks so comfy, cozy and inviting! Love all of your pretty vignettes! I know I would love to pop in the door and sit down and visit with you. Thank you so much for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)


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