Thursday, October 9, 2014

To Paint or Not To Paint?

Hello friends!
Another beautiful October greeting.
So much loveliness surrounding me right now.
I had to make a trip to Home Depot this evening and when I
came out of the store. . .there in the beautiful night sky was the Moon.
It took my breath away. . it is so beautiful.  
Where I live the mountains are the backdrop to the sky
the Moon looked even more beautiful in that setting.
We live in a beautiful world. Don't we?
Well, my post isn't about the Moon it is far from that subject.
It is more along the lines of. . . .
Do you paint or Do you NOT paint.
Now there is an earth shaking decision.
Seriously. . .the trend right now is to paint 
We would even paint water if we could.
But. . .are there times when you feel it is best to keep 
the natural look of the wood.
 This little chair I found at the thrift store.
It was in very bad shape.  Sturdy but scratched and ugly.
I painted it. . .Turquoise. 
I like it very much painted.
 This chair I recently found at the thrift store.
As you can see it has some scuff marks and scratches.
It is as solid as could be. Does not wobble at all.
Beautiful maple wood.
 I debated and looked at the chair a million times.
My Great-Aunt has always told me the
piece will let you know what to do.
To paint or not to paint.
You will even get the feel of what color to paint it.
(No I am not crazy. . )
You can see from the picture, I kept it natural.
I used a Gel-Stain. Min-Wax
Maple is the color.
 I am very happy I left it natural.
It just took a small amount of sanding.
The stain went on very smoothly.
For this chair I am glad I did not paint it.
I still love the beauty of wood.
I also love painted pieces.  It just depends.
I seldom have the cushion on the natural chair. 
I just like the look of the natural wood chair.
I also like the turquoise chair. . .I love the color and it
looks pretty wherever I place it in my home.
I also like the red and turquoise together.
Now. . another decision.
I have my mother's old Singer Sewing Machine.
The year I was born.
After my Dad ruined Grandma Dot's Treadle.
He bought my Mom a new Singer Sewing Machine.
Thank goodness I have it. . .but it needs some tender care.
Actually it shows it's age. . .it is close to 67 years old.
It has traveled a lot of miles. It has sewed a lot of stitches.
The head is in perfect condition and I can still sew with it.
I still have all the attachments.
It has been sitting in my son's shed.
And I decided it was time to put Momma's sewing machine on display
in my Home.
But, what to do. . .Do I paint it. . or Do I leave it natural.
For several weeks it has sit at the end of my kitchen.
I have studied it. . I have thought about it.
And it has spoke to me.
I will restore it to it's former beauty.
I will leave it in it's natural wood. 
No Paint. . .Nope. . it will be sanded. . and stained and waxed.
This beautiful Singer Sewing Machine will be a cherished
piece of History. . .passed to my children and then to my grandchildren.
And on through the generations.
I believe I heard it correctly.
Natural Beauty!

Hope you are having a wonderful week.


  1. Hi Karie! Oh, I love your little painted chair but certainly know what you mean about not painting some things. The little Windsor chair, it so pretty just stained. You do an excellent job too by the way. Hasn't the moon been pretty lately? Thank you so much for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. Karie,
    Love the painted chair but also love that you restored the other one to it's intended beauty and I am glad to hear that you are doing the same with the sewing machine. I agree in that the piece will speak to you...

    Lovely post!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by and for brightening my day with your uplifting comments!!



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