Wednesday, November 5, 2014

My Thankful Heart

Well, hello my friends,
I hope you are happy and doing well today.
I have given myself a challenge to be more 
I have always thought I was a thankful person.
I do recognize the Source of my many blessings.
But, I believe I can search a little deeper into my heart.
And I will find I have much more than I had realized.
So. . . with that I decided this month of November
Was a good time for me to search deeper.
Oh, but I won't stop at the end of November.
This will be my daily quest. . .. Thankfulness.
I want to share with you the thoughts I have had in the last few days of my journey.
My Faith.
I am so thankful for my Faith in a Living God.
I have a firm testimony of His Infinite love for me.
I am thankful beyond words for the Savior, Jesus Christ.
Without Him in my life. . .I don't know how I could function.
It is through my Faith in Him that I am at peace.
He calms my troubled soul, He divinely rescues me.
I am thankful for Seasons
Not only the natural seasons of the earth.
But, I am thankful for the seasons of my life.

I am thankful to embrace the season of my life at this time.
I am thankful to enjoy the good days, and the days
That are difficult.  All days are part of my life journey.
And I am thankful for it all.
I am thankful for my Roots.
I am so thankful for my heritage.

I am thankful for the heritage of Grandmothers. . . for the women in my life
Who were nurturers and therefore passed the gift of nurturing to me.
I am Thankful for the gentleness and kind nature of these Grandmothers.
For they passed that gentleness and kindness to me.
My life was richly blessed because of them now I am blessing my family
And hopefully passing these gifts to the next generation.
I am thankful for those who have loved me.
My parents, who were young when they had me.
I only had both my parents for 7 years of my life.
My mother died, when she was 25 years old.  I was 7.
All my life I have grieved for her.  But as I search my soul
I have realized those 7 years was enough for me to know  I was loved.
With all my heart, I know someday in the eternities I will have both parents.
We will be a complete Family.
My Grandparents were the solid foundation of my life.
They were the ones that wiped my tears, and calmed my fears.
Especially my Grandma Dot.  It was her that taught me how to cope.
How to love, and how to be Thankful.
My Dad was my pillar of strength.  He showed pure fatherly love to me.
He was and always will be my Hero.
Through these wonderful people I have learned the value of
Family. . . Family Togetherness, and Love.
I am seeing my life through my Spiritual eyes.
And I am Thankful.
Please be sure to come back and see and read of
The things I am thankful for.
Have a wonderful day. . .and I hope you will search your soul
And see the world through different eyes.
So that you may be more Thankful.


  1. Great post! Now, your personalized Priesthood Line of Authority is beautifully laminated featuring the classic portrait of Jesus Christ by the renowned artist Greg Olsen.

  2. Hello sweetie...a very nice post! We as humans do have a lot to be thankful for and your post helped me to remember what I am grateful for!

  3. Karlie, what a beautiful post. Yes, you are truly blessed. I lost my mother when I was 21 and three of those years I lived with her sister so she could work during WW2. Never knew my grandmothers as they died before I was born, but my mothers sister was like my grandmother and I loved her dearly. Now they are all gone, but I know someday I will see them again.
    Thank you for reminding me what to be thankful for.
    Have a wonderful weekend dear friend.


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