Thursday, November 27, 2014


I am wishing you a very 
Blessed and Peaceful Thanksgiving.

The Lord has commanded us to be Thankful in all things.
No matter my circumstance in life I will be Thankful.
That is a hard thing for me.. . to be Thankful during difficult times.
But I am going to try to be more Thankful. . . In All Things.
I want to begin by being kind, speaking kind words and giving encouragement.
I want to be thoughtful. . . remembering that everyone 
carries their own burdens.  
I will give much thanks to God.  To Jesus Christ. . .
He and only He can make the pathway bright.
Those problems may arise, He is the way and the light.
I will Thank Him. . . multiple times during my day.
 when I rest at night, I will pour my heart out to Him
for His bounteous Love and Forgiveness.
He makes it possible for all things to fall into place

Happy Thanksgiving

Pictures from the Internest and Pinterest.
They are not my pictures.

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