Saturday, November 1, 2014

What? It is November?

Oh My Goodness!
It is November 1, 2014
Did we not just celebrate the 4th of July?
Oh, Good Grief. . .No!
It was Halloween we just celebrated.
Oh, dear, oh dear!
Where oh where does the time go?
Well, I spent Halloween day and night in be with a 
Oh, yes, one of the massive most painful kind.
So when I awoke this morning. . .I feel like 
I have missed more than a day.
I feel like I have missed the last 6 months.
None the less. . .Time Marches On
I will get myself put together and greet 
Properly, . . . . .. another day!
Until then I think I will stay in my jammies,
The wind is howling and a storm is coming.
Possibly snow in the valleys.

Oh, dear, Oh, dear. . Am I ready for this?
Hope you are having a warm comfy November 1st.
Be sure to come back.
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  1. Oh Karie, so sorry that you were down with one of those terrible head aches. Hope that you are much better today. We had lots of rain, wind and cold weather last night and into today. We really needed the rain, but we did not get near enough, but whatever we get we will take. All the flowers and plants were so happy to get a nice bath and get all the dust and dirt off. I usually wash them down about once a month, but with the drought I didn't trying to save water.
    Stay warm and cozy and have a blessed Sunday.

  2. Hope you are feeling much better. We had snow Friday night in NW Georgia. I didn't get any, but my sister did. I am NOT ready for this bad weather. Love the photos you shared. Happy November to you!!


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