Thursday, December 4, 2014

Decorating Coming Right Along. . .NOT!

I am probably the only person out there that
Doesn't have my Christmas Tree up, and all
My decorating done. . .!
I just barely, (1 hour ago) finished taking all the
Autumn and Thanksgiving decoration down.
They are now sitting on my kitchen table.
Heaven only knows when I will get them in their totes.
I have to go down stairs to get the totes and I don't feel like
Doing that right now. . .Just sayin.
I do have one thing for Christmas sitting out.
My friend Dianne, brought me this beautiful wreath.
Her daughter Andrea makes and sells them.
It is absolutely gorgeous!
It is so pretty, I could just leave it up and call it quits. . .!
And NO! it is not going on my door.
The weather is too harsh, so I am keeping it on my wall.
As you can see nothing else has been done.
Oh, well, I will eventually have it completed.
I am slowing down . . .In my younger days, my
Decorations were completed by now.
And I decorated every room in the house.
But, not anymore.  My motto now is
What goes Up must come Down!
But at least I have a beautiful wreath to  inspire me
And maybe give me a push to get things done.
Hope you are progressing faster than me.
Hugs to all,


  1. Nope, I don't have the tree up either, and still tons of stuff sitting in boxes. I've got to get with the program.

    1. Oh, Marty I hear you loud and clear. I just don't have the get up and go that I need right now. I am hoping it comes soon for both of us. Hugs sweet friend.

  2. It is such a pretty wreath! I agree! xoxo

  3. What a beautiful wreath! Love it! I made my sister who lives in a Personal Care Home, one that is similar to yours. She loved it! You'll get all your pretties out soon. I agree with you about what goes up must come down. Hope your holidays are lovely!

  4. Don't feel bad - I am so far behind - I do have the tree up and decorated - front porch a few items out there. But I just don';t have the get up and go. The front room and dining room look like they were stirred by a spoon. I did get the empty crates out to the garage. I hardly did a darn thing today - just didn't have it. So my dear friend - you are not alone.
    Your wreath is lovely and looks terrific.
    I did make 7 custom wreaths for a corporation - so that my big time consumer.
    Have a wonderful productive week.

  5. Amei conhecer o seu blog, já fiquei por aqui!!!Achei maravilhoso!!!
    Siga-me e pegue o meu selinho!!!


    Beijos Marie.


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