Sunday, January 4, 2015

2015 Hello To You!

Oh, my it is 2015.
I am just wondering where the time is going.
As I am sure everyone is wondering the same.
Remember when it turned 2000?
What amazement it was to enter in a new 
Well, it is 15 years later and I am still amazed.
The Christmas Holidays are over.
The Christmas decorations are all toted away.
Thank you to my youngest grandson,
The totes have been taken downstairs to the storage room.
I believe I have my home all put back together.
I enjoy the decorations and the Christmas tree,
But it is always nice to get back to some type
Of normalcy in my home.
A small, well it is a large, change for me.
I put the television on the Blue Buffet.
I do not like having the television as the center of attention
But, my living room is where the t.v. is.
My family room is in the basement, and I don't want to
Be in the basement watching television.
So. . . .with great anxiety I changed the t.v set-up
And moved the Blue Buffet with the television on it.
At first I had a hard time with the arrangement.
But, as with everything I am accepting it.
I do miss decorating the beautiful Blue Buffet.
Moving things around required me to move the black table
I put it in front of the large window. . .I like it there.
And of course I love decorating the two levels of this table.
It does look very good in front of the window.
Next move was my Mother's Sewing Machine.
I wanted it front and center in the living room.
I am so pleased with how it turned out and it has
Such a sentimental meaning to me.
It is also a beautiful piece of furniture.
Very seldom is this little corner of my living room shown
It is actually the entrance from the front door.
You can't really call it an entrance way, it is just
A small tiled area, but I like my little half table there.
One of these days I will post about the picture of the 
"Old Miners", it is very precious and cherished by me
And my family.
The day I was making all the changes and getting things put
Back to order, I noticed how the light came through the window.
I like the shadows and how the light displays itself on walls and things.
It gives me a cozy feeling,  A feeling of Home.
It made me feel secure and happy.
I had to take a snap shot of how it looked at that moment.
Not only the light coming from the window, but I also
Thought and reflected on the things I decorate with.
This Snowman pillow was made for me by my cousin.
I just love it.  She has such a delicate talent with her
Sewing and her embroidery.
And then I looked at the afghan I made a few years ago.
Not only does it give me warmth, but it is beautiful in my home.
The colors make me happy.  The way the light is shining on it
Made it look even more beautiful. . .a reminder of
Tedious crochet stitching, tender care, and comfort and security.
Is that not what a Home is. . .Tedious care, comfort security,
The glow of light. . .the beauty of things hand stitched.
The people and things we care most about.
Home, A place of Love.

I hope you will come back again.